Issue 8 - 1988
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe Adventure - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Year: 1988
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 8
Language: English

Issue 8 - 1988
Issue 8 - 1988


This is a classic issue! As you might be able to tell by the front cover!

Feature story 1: "The Planet of Plants"
Reprinted from issue #9 of the regular magazine- because the main story in this issue is a sequel to this classic story!

Power Pin-Up
A pin-up of Roboto, the same as the one in issue #27 of the regular magazine.

Feature story 2: "The Fall of Eternos City"
Skeletor, King Hiss and Hordak all join together to begin the ultimate attack on Eternos City. But first they have to get He-Man out of the city! The next day, at the palace, Man-At-Arms receives a call from Planet Teekay, the planet of plants. Matmos Mount has blown up once again, and they need He-Man's help! Together with Sy-Klone, He-Man and Man-At-Arms go to Teekay... but instantly they find they have been tricked- their teleportation machine explodes, and the planet is totally peaceful! Back on Eternia, now that He-Man has left the city, Skeletor, King Hiss, and the whole of their armies launch their attack on Eternos. The people of the city are evacuated through underground escape tunnels, as the heroic warriors attempt in vain to defend the city. Meanwhile, on Teekay, the plants have recognised He-Man from the last time he was on the planet, and so He-Man asks for their help in building a new machine to teleport them home. But the plants say that the last machines on Teekay were destroyed thousands of years ago in a war with the humans. So the plants transfer their thoughts to one another, and conduct a planet-wide search for any trace of machinery. Eventually, they find a fallout shelter- an old building that was once used by the humans who blew themselves up! The plants form a living passageway to lead the heroes to the fallout shelter- but as He-Man, Sy-Klone, and Man-At-Arms travel there, they fall into a trap- and find themselves prisoners of underground creatures, human-like but different in appearance! The leader of these people tells them that they will be executed if they have been working with the plants, whom they believe to be evil. But He-Man explains to them the true story, and how the plants believe the humans are evil- and the leader is astounded that maybe things aren't as bad as they have seemed for the past centuries! He-Man suggests to the people that he could move them to a new home on Eternia if they help them rebuild the teleporter. Together they reconstruct the machine, and teleport back to Eternia. But they get the shock of their lives when they see tht Eternos city has been destroyed! They find Hordak, Skeletor, and King Hiss, now totally confident that they will conquer Eternia! They escape, leaving the heroes convinced that their planet is doomed. But then, the heroic warriors appear through their underground hideout, and Fisto suggests they rebuild the city so Skeletor's victory will have been in vain. The people from Teekay suggest that they could help them rebuild the city so it looks even better, as they are skilled builders. So they help the heroic warriors build a brand new Eternos City, more futuristic and brighter in appearance. The people from Teekay are thanked by King Randor, and agree to stay on Eternia to help they heroic warriors in the fight against evil. Then He-Man decides to move the heroic warriors to a new base in Viper Tower, so the city will not be so much at risk from evil warriors.

Power Pin-Up
This poster features the Evil Horde.

(This is a classic issue- it makes for great continuity with the events on Planet Teekay, and the fall of Eternos is one of the most important turning points in the comic's entire canon. We see some very strangely colored evil warriors here- Tri-Klops dressed in gray, a blue Clawful, a brown Rattlor and a blue Beast Man!)

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PinupPinupComic Poster
PinupPinupComic Poster
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