Issue 14 - 1989
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe Adventure - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: March
Year: 1989
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 14
Language: English

Issue 14 - 1989
Issue 14 - 1989


Feature story 1: "Double Trouble" (English translation of the German comic "Duell der Doppelgänger" from Ehapa)
No connection with the episode of the same name. Evil-Lyn invents a harness that looks just like He-Man's. She explains to Skeletor that it has special powers- the main one being to transform the wearer into He-Man! (Hey, what happened to Faker?) Skeletor dons the harness and becomes He-Man. With a fake sword of power, he tests out the disguise on his minions and the Snake Men, who are fooled and think he's He-Man. He then explains his plot to them, and they decide to fool the Eternian farmers. Later on, the Royal city hears news that He-Man has been seen attacking farmers in nearby villages. Adam realises something is up, so he changes to He-Man and goes to the village where the farmers were attacked. But when the farmers see him approaching, they think he is going to attack them and hide! He comes closer, to explain that he is there to help them- but one man sneaks up behind him and knocks him out with a heavy club. Skeletor is spying on the incident, and now that He-Man is down he decides to take over the city. He dons the harness again and becomes He-Man, then he goes to the palace and tries to persuade King Randor to give the throne to him. But a farmer arrives at the palace at the same time, telling Man-At-Arms about what happened in his village- and Man-At-Arms suspects that there are two He-Men, knowing that He-Man could not have reached the palace so soon. He and Orko go to the village, and tell the villagers that they suspect they were tricked into attacking the real He-Man. The villagers take them to the hut where He-Man is imprisoned, and Man-At-Arms asks He-Man a question about the Elders, to prove he is the true He-Man. He-Man gets it right, so they take him to the palace, where he confronts the fake He-Man. They begin a tremendous fight- but King Randor stops them and arranges a duel to decide which one is the real He-Man. An hour later, the duel begins- but Skeletor has weakened the real He-Man with a beam from the harness to ensure that he will lose. And at first, the fake He-Man is winning- but Man-At-Arms scans the double and finds that his power comes from the harness. When He-Man is knocked down, Orko gives him a serum and tells him he must destroy the harness, so He-Man gets up again, smashes the harness, and changes the fake He-Man back to Skeletor! Skeletor then teleports back to Snake Mountain, and He-Man is congrautulated for winning.

Feature story 2: "Blind Terror"
Reprinted from the regular magazine.

Feature story 3: "The Siren of Fear" (English translation of the German comic "Die Ringe der Zwietracht" from Ehapa)
Eternos City is attacked by three Rotons. Usually three Rotons would be no threat at all, but strangely they cause major chaos, spreading fear and panic across the people. He-Man calls a meeting of the heroic warriors, and they realise that Skeletor must be using some magical spell to cause fear in the hearts of the people of Eternos. So He-Man goes and tells the Sorceress about the problem, and she uses her magic to trace the source. She tells He-Man that Skeletor has used an ancient magical siren to cause fear in the hearts of ordinary Eternians- but the Sorceress uses her magic to alter the spell. Later, the evil warriors all hear the sound of strange music, which they find themselves automatically drawn to. They are drawn to the siren rings, which are a device once used by the Elders to conquer evil. When the three evil armies meet one another, they begin to fight among themselves, and with them all occupied by the power of the rings, peace reigns over the rest of Eternia.

(This is just a great issue... 3 really enjoyable stories. "Double Trouble" is excellent- although you wonder why it wasn't Faker who impersonated He-Man, the story is still great- just really enjoyable the whole way through and one of the best stories ever in the comic. The reprinted "Blind Terror" was one of the best stories in the original series, and "The Siren of Fear" is simple but sensational- this is a classic issue!

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