1989 Masters of the Universe Annual
Collection: World I.P. Annuels (1984-1990)
Publisher: World
Year: 1989
Production Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Section: Masters of the Universe - Original

1989 MotU Annual
1989 MotU Annual




Features 7 stories plus lots of factfiles and games.

Bat Attack: Part 1
At a royal banquet, the palace is attacked by an army of giant bats. They have been sent by Skeletor and have caused destruction all over Eternia. Skeletor seems very close to winning... (cont'd)


Fact File: Snout Spout

Snout Spout Alone
Told in comic strip form- Snout Spout is feeling that he is useless to the Heroic Warriors, but in the night, Webstor sneaks into the palace and spreads gas fumes throughout the building, knocking everyone unconscious. Snout Spout is unaffected because of the filters in his metal head, stops Webstor and throws him out of the palace, then everyone regains consciousness. Snout Spout realises he is worthy of being a warrior after all.

Fact File: Rio Blast

Grayskull Besieged
For many years, three androids have been buried below ground, their heads visible above the surface disguised as statues. Hordak reactivates them and directs them towards Grayskull. He-Man, Teela, and Rio Blast go to Grayskull, and He-Man tells the Sorceress to make Grayskull invisible. When the castle appears to vanish, the androids think it is no longer there and self-destruct, and the good guys have won.

Fact File: Extendar

Fact File: Dragstor

Bat Attack: Part 2
Stonedar and Rokkon land on Eternia, and reveal that they have picked up radio waves sent to draw the bat creatures to Eternia. Queen Marlena then realises the bats have stolen her locket. So He-Man sets out to find the bats, along with the Rock Warriors, who are using their sensors to follow the beams to their source. They track them down to Snake Mountain, but Skeletor sees them approaching and sets his machine to summon all the bat creatures to Snake Mountain. So Stonedar and Rokkon throw the machine into outer space, and the bat creatures follow it, and Eternia is rid of them.

Fact File: Stonedar

Fact File: Rokkon

Trivia Test

A Friend in Need
Nothing to do with the episode of the same name. Extendar goes to the Fright Zone to attempt to free Dragstor, who was once his friend in human form. But he is attacked by Hordak, who wants to make Extendar evil, like he had planned in the first place. Moss Man traces Extendar to the Fright Zone, and He-Man goes there, and is attacked by Hordak, but eventually wins. Then he allows Extendar and Dragstor to go free, but Dragstor is still too heavily under Hordak's spell to join the Heroic Warriors, and is unable to break free of it, so he journeys back to the Fright Zone and Extendar prays that some day his friend will regain his senses.

The Last Unicorn
Told in comic strip form- Mer-Man finds a miniature unicorn sealed in a bottle under the sea. He takes it to Skeletor, who plans to enlarge it and use it as a battle steed, having realised it is the last unicorn of legend, which survived under the protection of a wizard. But when he maximises it, the unicorn escapes! Skeletor and Beast Man stalk it, but He-Man stops them before they capture it, then the Sorceress shrinks it and puts it in a miniature nature reserve.

Fact File: The Snake Men

Weather Wizardry
King Hiss steals the Ancient Pyramid of Myrabim, a weather cannon which he fires to make Eternia's climate unbearably hot. After a few weeks, Man-At-Arms becomes suspicious of the hot weather and works out that someone has fired the pyramid. Believing he can reverse its power, he and He-Man set out to do so- but a spy for King Hiss tells him of all that happened. Man-At-Arms finds the pyramid, and steps inside it to begin his work, but the Snake Men dive upon him and He-Man from their fighter craft. They begin a vicious struggle, in which the pyramid is accidentally destroyed, but Orko saves the day by using his magic to reverse the weather and make it cold.

For The Power Of Grayskull

(The 1989 annual was too crowded and desperate. Skeletor, Hordak, and King Hiss all have stories in this one. This book is badly drawn and some scenes are just plain awful to look at. The comic strip panel stories appear twice, and on both are terrible. There is a heavy focus of the Rock Warriors, Rio-Blast, and Snout Spout for some reason. "Bat Attack" has a brilliant first part, then in the second part you have to wonder, what happened? The story just turns on it's head in the second half. The fact files are useless and unnecessary in this annual. It's sad that this was the last annual, but just looking at it, you could tell there were going to be no more.)

Page 52 with Snake Men fact filePage 53 with Snake Men fact filePage 18 with ’No Rio we Riot!’ Fact FilePage 13 with Snout Spout Fact FilePage 35 with Comet Warriors Fact File
Page 52 with Snake Men fact filePage 53 with Snake Men fact filePage 18 with 'No Rio we Riot!' Fact FilePage 13 with Snout Spout Fact FilePage 35 with Comet Warriors Fact File
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