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Collection: UK - Princess of Power - Egmont Magazines (1986-1987)
Month: August
Year: 1986
Production Country:
Issue: Special Preview Issue
Language: English

Preview Issue
Preview Issue


This issue was a free gift attached to the UK Masters of the Universe Comic Magazine Issue 12 - 1986.

Feature story 1: "Twiggets in Trouble, part 1"
Deep within the outskirts of the Whispering Woods, Spritina, Sprag and Sprocker are hard at work trying to find a good place for a nap. The lazy Twiggets waste no time in finding a tree hallow for their long awaited nap. The Twiggets had only just fallen asleep when they are startled by the voice of Hordak, who is complaining to Catra about being defeated by She-Ra once again. In a fit of rage, Hordak blasts the tree that the Twiggets are hiding in. Scared for their lives, the three Twiggets run from there as fast as they could. Hordak immediately recognizes them as members of the Great Rebellion. Catra tells Hordak that she will take care of them. Using the mighty power of the Talamaska, Catra transforms into a mighty jungle cat and begins to pursue the Twiggets. As the chase continues, Spritina falls into a hole, leaving Sprag and Sprocker to face Catra. Spritina's concern for her friends gives her the strength to climb up the side of the hole. When she reaches the top she can see that Hordak, Catra and a platoon of Horde Troopers have been captured. Spritina quietly slips away to find help. As Spritina makes her way towards the Rebel Camp, she is spotted by Flutterina, who was on a patrol. After hearing Spritina's sad story, Flutterina flies Spritina to the Kingdom Of Bright Moon, where everything is explained to She-Ra. She-Ra and Bow mount their steeds, Swift Wind and Arrow, to set off to rescue the Twiggets before Hordak enters the Fright Zone. Within moments, the duo are heading to their planned meeting with Hordak. They soon learn that Hordak had sent Batmeks to greet them. As the Batmeks edged closer, Bow and She-Ra make ready for battle. While Bow fired upon the Batmeks with his Blast Arrows, he causes an explosion that sends one of the wrecked Batmeks towards She-Ra, who is knocked off Swift Wind and accidentally caught on it's wing, causing her to go down with the wreckage...

Feature story 2: "Twiggets in Trouble, part 2" 
As the fiery Batmek plunges towards the ground, She commands the Sword Of Protection to transform into rope. She-Ra ties the rope to the Batmek's wing and uses it to climb down, dangling herself from the rope. As she approaches the treetops, she commands her sword to transform back into the Sword Of Protection, allowing herself to fall upon the trees, while the Batmek crashes to the ground. After Bow had checked if She-Ra was safe, the two continued their mission. They soon find a wrecked Elvok Village. Concerned about the Elvoks, the two investigates the situation. They soon find that it was a Horde trap, a platoon of Horde Troopers sent stall Bow and She-Ra. Bow and She-Ra defeat the Horde Troopers and free the Elvoks, who were chained together. Suddenly, the heroic duo are hit from behind by Hordak's stun rays. With Hordak and Catra's attention on Bow and She-Ra, Swift Wind swoops in and rescues Sprag and Sprocker. With the Twiggets rescued and on their way to safety, She-Ra and Bow retaliates against Hordak. Seeing his army being decimated and Catra running in retreat, the angry Hordak transforms into his rocket for and escapes. With Swift Wind gone, Bow takes She-Ra back to Castle Bright Moon on the back of Arrow.

Feature story 2: "The Ghost Blossoms"
She-Ra and Bow ride their steeds, Swift Wind and Arrow, into a the outskirts of the Dark Forest, where Rebel Scouts have been reporting that the Fright Zone has been expanding. From the top of a hill, Bow and She-Ra find that the rumors were true, when they see that the Fright Zone is now close to a small village. They are taken off-guard from an attack of Batmeks. With three well-placed Blast Arrows, Bow turns the Batmeks into junk. When the two enter the village, they find that the village is the home of the Koala People. They are greeted by one of the villagers named, Telsa. The two explain that they must move their village before they are taken by the Horde. Telsa tells them that they cannot move, because their babies are ill. The only hope for their survival is to get their hands on some Ghost Blossoms, which has the healing properties to cure the babies. The only problem is that the Ghost Blossoms are located on a volcano. Soon, She-Ra and Bow are approaching one of the largest active volcanos on Etheria. After the duo arrive near the brim of the volcano, they discover that they have been fallowed by a Horde Spy Bat. As they near the Ghost Blossoms, they are fired upon by a platoon of Horde Troopers. As Bow keeps the Horde Troopers busy, She-Ra collects a hand-full of Ghost Blossoms. She-Ra is surprised when Hordak appears with his arm-cannon pointed at her. As Hordak fires upon her, she ducks down avoiding the blast. She retaliates with an elbow to the face, allowing her and Bow to escape. Within moments, the heroic duo are on their way back to the Village Of The Koala People. Once the duo returns to the village, the village doctor administers the Ghost Blossoms, allowing the babies to heal. In the matter of a couple of days, Bow and She-Ra help the Koala People relocate the village.

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