Special Issue
Collection: UK - Princess of Power - Egmont Magazines (1986-1987)
Month: July
Year: 1987
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: Special Issue (1 of 1)
Language: English

Special Issue
Special Issue


In addition to new comics, this special issue contains some of the already published comics from the regular series. But this time in full color.

Feature story 1: "The Legend of Etheria"

Feature story 2: "Future Visions, part 1" - In the Whispering Woods, member of the Great Rebellion have gathered to perform a ceremony known as the “Ritual Of Re-Dedication”, a ritual that herald the end of the old year and the beginning of a new year. While ritual progresses, an unidentified, hooded figure appears in the crowd to look on. All of a sudden, the planet grows completely black, causing a stir amongst the members of the Great Rebellion. The unidentified figure announces that she has used her magic to transport Etheria to a place called Nega-Space, which is a realm between space and time. The hooded figure than reveals herself as Evil-Lyn. Before Castaspella can use her magic to defeat the witch, Evil-Lyn casts a spell that makes Castaspella and She-Ra disappear. Bow quickly fires two Net Arrows at Evil-Lyn, but she begins to glow with fiery life and then disappears. Meanwhile, Castaspella and She-Ra finds themselves within the prisons of Cat Tower, and soon learns that Catra is imprisoned there as well. Catra tells them that Evil-Lyn had tried to make an alliance with her, but she refused out of her loyalty to Hordak. Her defiance was the result of her imprisonment. Evil-Lyn appears before the three and others a truce, where she would show them future visions that will convince them that it's in Etheria's best interest to remain in Nega-Space. With her Magic Wand, Evil-Lyn creates three gateways for the three two enter. Upon entering one of the gateways, an eternity seemed to pass for Castaspella. Eventually she emerges on the other side to find Evil-Lyn? Evil-Lyn tells her that she has split herself into three, so she can be a guide for each of them. Castaspella learns that they are in Horror Hall, two years into the future. Evil-Lyn tells her that they will remain unseen while the observe the events that will unfold. Soon, Shadow Weaver is their and Castaspella learns that she has become evil and joined Shadow Weaver as her ally.

Feature story 3: "Future Visions, part 2" - Evil-Lyn and Catra appear before a saddened Catra, five years into the future, who sits upon the throne of Crystal Castle, with the castle in ruins. Everybody has abandoned her and now she was alone. Meanwhile, the third Evil-Lyn presents She-Ra with her future. They are seven years into the future and the final battle between the Horde and the Great Rebellion is on the way. The Rebels fight with a strength born of determination and both sides seem evenly matched. In the heart of the battle, She-Ra sees her future self engaged in personal combat with Hordak. After She defeats Hordak, She-Ra realizes that after Hordak's defeat, she claims Etheria as hers to rule. After returning from the future visions, Evil-Lyn re-combines her three selves and asks if they will support her. Catra agrees, but She-Ra and Castaspella do not. Next, a fight ensues, with Catra transforming into her cat self. She-Ra easily defeats her with the Sword Of Protection, by transforming it into rope and tying her up. Before Evil-Lyn could make a move, Castaspella uses her magic to transport her back to Eternia and reverses the spell, bringing Etheria back to it's original spot in space. Later, the two reunite with the Great Rebellion and dedicate themselves to the fight against evil.

Feature story 4: "The Test"

Feature story 5: "Starburst"

Feature story 6: "Broom takes a break!"

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