Issue 06
Collection: Germany - Interpart-Condor Verlag - Masters of the Universe (1984-1986)
Publisher: Interpart
Year: 1985
Production Country: Germany
Issue: 6
Language: German

Issue 6
Issue 6


Feature story 1: "Die Reiter von Morc" (Monster Riders Of Morc) - Out of the blue, a group of Reptile Men riding horses mysteriously appear in front of Castle Grayskull, where they write He-Man's name in the soil in large letters and also they also plant their flag, in an attempt to challenge He-Man. The Monster Riders disappear just as quickly as they came. From a safe distance, Fisto and Buzz-Off had observed what the Reptile Men had done. Along with the company of Zoar, Fisto and Buzz-Off seek out He-Man, who is with Man-E-Faces within Castle Grayskull, tell him what had transpired. The puzzled heroes gather outside of Castle Grayskull, wondering where these riders came and decide to accept this fight, but first, they have to track their opponents down. Orko suddenly appears out of nowhere, startling the heroes. Zoar transforms into the Sorceress and tells Orko the situation. Together they create a portal to the Dimension Of Morc, into an area called the Land Of Monsters. The Sorceress and Orko open an portal to their home, the Land Of Monsters. The Masters enter the portal into this strange land and follow the horse tracks to a long wooden suspension bridge. As they begin to cross the bridge, where they finally encounter the Monster Riders. As the Monster Riders prepare to cut the ropes on the suspension bridge, Buzz-Off quickly flies forward to stop them, but is shot down by one of the Monster Riders. Seeing what just happened He-Man rushes towards the Monster Riders, while Fisto and Man-E-Faces hold on to the swaying bridge for dear life. He-Man himself is stunned with a gun and carried away by the Monster Riders. Fisto and Man-E-Faces reach the other side just before the bridge falls into the chasm bellow. The three rush to aide of the unconscious Buzz-Off. After several attempts to revive Buzz-Off with magic, Orko is finally successful. The four begin to fallow the tracks in the sand, on foot to free He-Man. Meanwhile, the Monster Riders have reached their city and brought within the Riders' impressive fortress. Within the fortress, He-Man is brought before their leader, Charmi. The leading Monster Rider hands over He-Man's Sword Of Power to Charmi. The evil Charmi decides to send He-Man into his arena, where he is to face a huge beast. He-Man is than brought into a dungeon that leads into a massive arena, where there is a small lake. Charmi awaits the arrival of his monster, for he anticipates to see him devour He-Man. From the small lake, Charmi's large prehistoric-looking beast emerges to attack He-Man, who knows that he has to fight this creature, without his Sword Of Power. Meanwhile, the others encounter a small village, where they meet a group of viking-like Humanoids. They soon learn that these people were the rulers of the Land Of Monsters, before the Charmi and his Monster Riders came, and are now constantly on the run from the evil creatures. Back at Charmi's Arena, He-Man has a vicious struggle with the vile monster. He-Man realizes his only means of defense throw throws boulders at it. As He-Man hurls the boulders at the monster, one one of them bounces off in the direction of the balcony on which Charmi stood, causing him to fall in the arena, where the monster steps on him, killing him. Now free of Charmi's mind control, the beast is now free of his mind control and climbs out of the arena, where he goes on a rampage in the city. The Monster Riders try to stop the monster with stun beams, but are unsuccessful. He-Man retrieves his sword and uses this opportunity to escape by diving into the lake and finding a tunnel underneath the water. The tunnel reaches another body of water. When He-Man surfaces, he is reunited with Fisto, Buzz-Off, Orko and Man-E-Faces, who were accompanied by the former rulers of the realm. From where they all stood, they watch as the giant monster reduces the fortress and the city into rubble. The realm is now free of Charmi's rule, leaving the humans an opportunity to build up their own kingdom again.

Feature story 2: "Der geheimnisvolle Karatemeister"

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