Mandíbula e o Ataque ao Palácia
Collection: Masters of the Universe Mini-Comics (Estrela)
Year: 1987
Production Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese

Mandíbula e o Ataque ao Palácia
Mandíbula e o Ataque ao Palácia


Was attached to the Trap Jaw (Mandíbula) figure in Brazil.

English Translation:


Pg. 1 – Caption: Suspended in the air thanksto his magical powers, the terrible Skeletor attacks the palace of Prince Adam.

                Skeletor: Balls! Even with my new PowerAmplifier, it’s impossible to penetrate the castle!

Pg. 2 –  Panel 1(inset)– Skeletor: Hmm. The castle is prepared for exterior attacks, butwhat if the attack came from inside?

                Panel 2 (main)– Skeletor: Go Trap-Jaw!Do your part! Nobody knows more about weaponry than you!

                Panel 3 – Palace Guard: Attention!Attack from the south!          

                                 Man-At-Arms: Just one ship? It must be a trick. He must want to attract our attentionto this side… Also mind the other positions!

                Panel 4 – Palace Guard: I hithim!

Pg. 3 Panel 1 – Palace Guard: Now let’s grabhim!

                                 Prince Adam: Imprison him in the dungeon anddiscover his plan!

                Panel 2 - Skeletor:  Ha! Ha! Ha! My plan worked! Now, I need onlywait until dark!

                Panel 3 – Prince Adam: What did he say?(not an exacttranslation, but this one isn’t as easy to put into English words – thisbasically captures what he’s asking though)

                                  Man-At-Arms: He keeps saying he attacked onhis own account. He thought we were distracted and believed that he couldsucceed where Skeletor did not…

Pg. 4 – Panel 1 – Prince Adam: Hmm. This story smellsbad to me. Well… let’s go to sleep! Don’t forget to make sure the defensesystem is on.

            Panel 2 – Caption: Later…

                  Skeletor: Let’sgo, Trap-Jaw! It’s time to get to work!

                   Trap-Jaw: Huh?

            Panel 3 – Skeletor: I will double your power sothat you may fulfill your task!

Pg. 5 – Panel 1 – Trap-Jaw: I feel capable of destroyingthe entire world, if necessary! Knocking down these bars will be a cinch!

             Panel 2 – Royal Guard  (off-panel): Trap-Jaw is escaping! Alarm!

Pg. 6 – Panel 1 – Trap-Jaw: Get out of the way, fleas!

             Panel 2 – Trap-Jaw: Now, let’s head to CentralDefense.

Pg. 7 – Panel 1 – Trap-Jaw: Now I’m going to open anice passage in the wall!

               Panel 2 – Caption: The noise wakes Adam.

                                   Man-At-Arms: Trap-Jaw…

                                   Prince Adam: I know! And Skeletor’s army isarriving! Go mobilize the defenses…

                Panel3 – Skeletor: We willtake them while their defenses are completely open! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Pg. 8 – Panel 1 – He-Man: By the Power of Grayskull… Ihave the Power!

               Panel 2 – Skeletor: Hurry! We can’t allow themto get organized!

Pg. 9 -  Panel 1 – Man-At-Arms: Trap-Jaw is preventing the mobilization of our forces!

                Panel 2 – He-Man: Leave Trap-Jaw to me!  Tend to the defense troops, Man-At-Arms!

Pg. 10 – Panel 1 – Caption: But…

                                    He-Man: What?

                                    Trap-Jaw:Did you think it would be easy, He-Man? My strength is doubled!

                Panel2 – Trap-Jaw: And now…Die!

                Panel 3: He-Man: Now then… Did you also think it would be easy, eh?

Pg. 11 – Panel 1: Trap-Jaw: HEEELLLLP!

                                 He-Man: With double the strength or not, I’mstill the most powerful man on Eternia!

                Panel2: Caption:  With Trap-Jaw occupied, the forces mobilizeand fly…

                                Skeletor: Nowthen…where’s that idiot Trap-Jaw who permitted this to happen?

                Panel3: Skeletor: Oh no!He-Man is coming this way! That means Trap-Jaw was defeated! It’s time for astrategic retreat!

                Panel4: Beast Man: Hey!Skeletor is abandoning us!

Pg. 12 – Panel 1: Royal Guard: Look! They are runningaway! I don’t understand… there are more of them than there are of us!

                                He-Man: It’sbecause they are great cowards like their boss! And they are no match for menwho love freedom!

                Panel2: Man-At-Arms: Wewill restore the Defense System immediately!

                Panel3: Prince Adam: Ithink it’s best to leave things the way they are, Man-At-Arms… the System madeus too comfortable.

                Panel4: Prince Adam: Themaintenance of Eternia’s freedom depends on our permanent vigilance!


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