The Secret Liquid of Life!
Larry Houston
Michael Lee
Michael Halperin
Charles Simpson
Stan Sakai
Lee Nordling
Collection: Masters Of The Universe Mini-Comics (Mattel)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1984
Production Country: USA/International
Issue: Series 3 --- 3 of 9
Language: English

Cover (US)
Cover (US)


The Sorceress uses The Mists of Sight to show He-Man that Prince Dakon, Prince Adam's childhood friend, is in trouble. The evil Geldor has captured Torgul, Dakon's soon-to-be Father-in-law.

He-Man meets Dakon in The Evergreen Forest, along with Battle Cat, Buzz Off, Ram-Man and Teela (depicted as a long-haired brunette wearing a yellow outfit with red trim). Dakon tells the heroes that Geldor is searching for The Liquid of Life, which would make him immortal, and only Torgul knows where to find it.

Meanwhile, Geldor tortures the captive Torgul by having his wizard reveal that they have also captured Torgul's daughter (and Dakon's fiancée), Maran. In exchange for Maran's freedom, Torgul tells Geldor that The Liquid of Life is in the Orge's Cavern in the Mystic Mountains. Instead of releasing Maran, Geldor reveals that the Maran that Torgul was shown was just an illusion.

He-Man, The Masters, and Dakon fight their way into Geldor's dungeons in hopes of rescuing Torgul. Once inside, He-Man faces off with a giant centipede. After defeating it, the heroes rescue Torgul. Torgul admits that he told Geldor where to find The Liquid of Life when Geldor threatened Maran. He-Man asks Torgul to lead the heroes to The Liquid of Life, hoping to beat Geldor there.

The Ogre's Cavern is sealed, but Ram-Man knocks in the door. Inside, the heroes face an army of Gnolls - monsters that can drain the strength of an enemy just by looking at them. He-Man defeats them by showing them their reflection in his shield. He-Man and Dakon are then attacked by the orge. While He-Man defeats the ogre, Dakon uncovers the vial holding The Liquid of Life.

Just as Dakon holds up the vial, Geldor and his minions arrive and demand The Liquid of Life. Before the heroes can attack, Geldor reveals that Maran has actually been kidnapped and that he's taken Teela prisoner as well. The two are being held by Gnolls.

He-Man admits defeat and reaches out to hand Geldor The Liquid of Life. However, before Geldor can grab the vial, He-Man lets go of it. The vial shatters on the cavern floor, and the water spreads over a tiny tree at He-Man and Geldor's feet.

The tree immediately begins growing to immense size - with Geldor trapped on top of it. Geldor yells out that the tree is devouring him, and is heard from no more. The tree grows so large it breaks through the ceiling of the cavern.

The heroes emerge from the cavern and admire the tree. Dakon announces that he and Maran will be married underneath the tree, and asks He-Man to be his Best Man at the wedding. He-Man accepts as the heroes celebrate.

1984, Series 3.
Packaged with Jitsu, Stinkor, Tri-Klops, Webstor and Whiplash.

The comic was also available as

  • German/Italian bilingual version in Europe:
        "Das Elexier des Lebens" (German)
        "Il Liquido segreto della Vita" (Italian)
  • Canadian English/Canadian French bilingual version in Canada:
        "The Secret Liquid of Life!" (Canadian English)
        "L'Élixir de Vie" (Canadian French) 
  • English/German/Italian/French quadrilingual version in Europe and Canada
        "The Secret Liquid of Life!" (UK/Canadian English)
        "Das Elexier des Lebens" (German)
        "Il Liquido segreto della Vita" (Italian)
        "L'Élixir de Vie" (French/Canadian French)
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    Cover (Canadian French)Cover (Canadian English)Cover (Italian)Cover (German)Back Cover(US)
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    page 5 and 6page 1 and 2page 7 and 8page 3 and 4page 9 and 10page 13 and 14page 11 and 12
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