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Collection: Brazil - Editora Abril - Masters of the Universe (1987-1988)
Publisher: Mattel
Month: May
Year: 1987
Production Country: Brazil
Issue: 17
Language: Portuguese



Feature Story 1: "A Flora Da Eternidade" (The Flower Of Eternity)

Feature Story 2: "O Mistério Submarino" (The Mysterious Submarine) On Eternia, Lake Kroly is a place where strange events have become routine, causing fear and terror among the fishermen of the Village Of Kol. During the early morning, two fisherman, Sergio and Alvaro, along with Sergio's daughter, Portela, travel on the lake to try and catch some fish, but it's been days since they have been able to catch any fish. Alvaro wonders where all the fish have gone. Suddenly, out of the blue, the boat is destroyed from an unknown source. Within the chaos, Portela has disappeared. As the two struggle to swim to shore, Alvaro tells Sergio that Portella has disappeared in the darkness. At the Royal Palace Of Eternos, Man-At-Arms makes some minor adjustments to a prototype vehicle that he calls the Sky Hawk, while Prince Adam looks on. After Man-At-Arms makes the adjustments, the to decide to try it out. The vehicle's greatest attribute is it's speed. During their test trip, Man-At-Arms and Prince Adam spot the two struggling men in Lake Kroly, and swiftly the two swoop down and bring them to the safety of the shore. After everybody is rescued, Sergio tells Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms about the disappearance of his daughter. He also adds that she is the fourth woman to disappear, according to unknown sources. Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms decide to camp out on the beach for the night to see if anything happens. During the night Alvaro tells the Heroes that he believes that the water is rising. Amid the rough waters, a gigantic black pearl rises to the surface. Seeing the appearance of the Black Pearl, causes Alvaro and Sergio to run back to the village. Gradually, a cap opens up and a wave of toxic vapor begins to spread across the lake. As Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms struggle to resist the toxin, Prince Adam raises the Sword Of Power, transforming himself into He-Man. As the pearl disappears under the surface of the lake, with a leap, He-Man dives into the mysterious waters. Once underwater, the environment seems to be quiet and the pearl had disappeared. Suddenly, He-Man is attacked by Horned-Sharks, a freshwater shark, and one of the sharks take his sword. After He-Man regains his sword, the Black Pearl appears. As He-Man studies it, he realizes that it is some sort of spacecraft. As the Black Pearl begins to open, He-Man is surrounded by black sparks, that draw him inside. Sometime later, He-Man begins to come to and realizes that he has been captured by the Black Pearl. As he looks around the room, he spots the four missing girls trapped inside glass cylinders. He-Man is startled by another presence, a aquatic looking woman, who introduces herself as Shezar, the Dominator Of Light and former Princess Of Antar. Shezar asks He-Man about why he is here. He-Man tells the lady that he has come to rescue the four missing women. He man asks her of why she has invaded this lake. Shezar tells him that her home planet of Antar had been destroyed by a great war and the survivors formed a Aquatic Reserve, in order to find a new planet that they could rebuild their colony. Her race is almost extinct and they need women of greatness to perpetuate their species. She is searching for women linked to the lineage of King Grayskull. She plans flood Eternia and make it a water world for her people to live and prosper. She tells him that her new ally, Skeletor promises that he will help her make this come true. When He-Man tells her that he will not allow her to do that, Shezar fires a beam, which is reflected by the Sword Of Power, back at her, hitting her in the head. While Shezar is unconscious, He-Man uses Shezar's Sphere to release the four women. Meanwhile, Skeletor arrives in the Collector, in a intent to betray she Shezar, Skeletor has Mer-Man dive into the lake and steal the Polarizor. The woman with blue hair, tells He-Man that the sphere is called the Polarizer, with it Shezar can project images and control creatures of the sea. As Shezar wakes up, she and He-Man have a struggle that allows her to regain the Polarizer. Shezar summons a Giant Octopus, to destroy He-Man. While He-Man fights with the octopus, Mer-Man attacks and steals the Polarizer from Shezar. As Mer-Man delivers the Polarizer to Skeletor, Shezar exits the Black Pearl and transforms into her primitive form. In this form, Shezar destroys the Collector with seismic waves of energy. On the Shore Skeletor and his minions survived the crash, with the Polarizer in tact. Underwater, He-Man defeats the octopus and with the four women, escape the lake. He-Man sees Skeletor with the Polarizer, and begins to fight him for it. He-Man is than joined by Man-At-Arms. Shezar forms a protective bubble around He-Man, to help him as he tries to retrieve the Polarizer. Shezar uses her power of illusions to make the enemy believe that there is a large battalion He-Man's. He-Man is able to retrieve the Polarizer, causing Skeletor and his minions to retreat. Shezar recaptures the Polarizer and enters the Black Pear. The heroes watch as the Back Pearl leaves the Eternian atmosphere. He-Man and Man-At-Arms agree that they haven't seen the last of Shezar.

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