Issue:1 - The Seeker
Collection: DC Comics - Mini-series #2 (2012)
Publisher: DC Comics
Month: August
Year: 2012
Production Country: USA
Issue: 1
Language: English



New mini-series by writer James Robinson and artist Philip Tan and inked by Ruy Jose. There are two covers. Mini-series came out on July 4th 2012.

Adam has been having strange dreams of late. Though he is merely a wood-cutter living in a small hut in the forest of Eternia, he has dreamt of being a powerful warrior, fighting evil across the land. Though the dreams are troubling, Adam is intent on focusing on his simple life. Adam spends his days cutting wood and caring for his ailing father Fedor, whose mind appears to be leaving him. The old man seems to believe that he once lived in a castle, and when Adam tries to recall what their lives were really like, he can't. He shrugs the troubling feeling off, and returns to his work. For the last few days, Adam has been visited by a colorful falcon. Every day, it returns. He shares some meat with the bird, and instinctively decides to name it Zoar. He watches the bird fly away and wonders where it is that it goes every day between visits. The dream haunts Adam again that night, and he wakes with a sudden revelation about what he must do. He arranges to have a kind woman from a nearby cabin look after his father while he seeks his fortune in the world. Not long after beginning his journey, Adam is suddenly accosted by a monstrous man covered in fur. The man knows his name, strangely, and is intent on assuring that Adam never leave his uneventful life. He warns that if Adam continues his journey, he will kill him. Adam confusedly professes that he is merely a woodsman, and the creature responds that he is Beast Man, and Adam will soon merely be dead. The two tussle for a time, Adam finding his attempts to evade and attack Beast Man are surprisingly more skillful than he expected. He manages to draw first blood from his attacker, and realizes that he is not at such ha great disadvantage as he thought. He realizes that he has to use his wits to defeat the creature, and he hurls his axe through the air, missing the Beast Man, but cutting several branches from a nearby tree. Beast Man laughs, thinking that Adam missed, but the young man reveals that he had never intended to hit him with the axe. Grabbing the severed branches, Adam thrusts their sharpened ends into Beast Man's back. Dazed by the pain, Beast Man turns around to receive an immediate punch in the jaw, which knocks him unconscious. Just then, Zoar returns, and Adam sarcastically comments that the bird was little help to him in that fight, though it had watched the whole thing. With Zoar leading the way, Adam resumes his journey, though he can't help but wonder how Beast Man knew his name. Elsewhere, Beast Man returns to his master Skeletor, who orders him to spread the word that Adam must be prevented from learning of who he really is - at any cost.

Other Images
1 in 25 Variant coverSDCC 2012 Variant cover with Sir Laser Lot story
1 in 25 Variant coverSDCC 2012 Variant cover with Sir Laser Lot story
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