Issue:2 - Desert Storm
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Collection: DC Comics - Mini-series #2 (2012)
Publisher: DC Comics
Month: September
Year: 2012
Production Country: USA
Issue: 2
Language: English



After having failed to kill Adam of Eternia, Beast Man must face Skeletor at Castle Grayskull. Skeletor is especially disappointed, as Beast Man indicates that Adam is not completely without skill. Their attempt to wipe his memory completely failed to erase his instinctive understanding of battle. Skeletor shows Beast Man mercy, but warns that his troublesome nephew must die, if he doesn't stay within the boundaries. Adam, meanwhile, has traveled deep into the desert with the guidance of his bird friend Zoar. After some time of walking, he grows thirsty, but can only find cacti to squeeze the moisture from. Fortunately, he sees some riders on the horizon. When they arrive, though, they recognize him, and take him captive. The riders drop Adam at the feet of their leader Kronis, also called Trap Jaw, who explains that he was captured on orders from Skeletor. He has Adam jailed, with the promise that he will have the chance to petition his life on the next day. That night, a young w oman claims that she was sent by Trap Jaw to give water to the prisoner, and gains access to Adam's cell. He quickly deduces that she is not meant to be there, and asks her name. She responds that her name is Teela. Before they can exchange any more words, the guard becomes suspicious, and hauls her away. In the morning, Trapjaw explains that Adam must choose a person whom he will petition for his freedom. Should that person deny him, he must fight to the death. If he survives, he must petition again, until that petition is granted or he or all of the petitioned are dead. Naturally, none of Trap Jaw's men would accept such a petition, and so Adam is thrust into a one-against-many battle for his life. Grabbing a sword, Adam fights his way past them, with skills he never knew he had, and makes a run for it. Suddenly, though, he feels a shuddering under his feet, and the attackers scatter. Trap Jaw himself decides to finish the job, but the shuddering in the earth grows more and more intense, until they discover that the rumbling is caused by an oncoming stampede of creatures. At the head of the charge is Teela, who apparently caused the distraction in order to save Adam's life. Trap Jaw and his people are trampled as the pair escape. Adam is surprised to learn that while Teela knows his name, she does not know how she knows his name. Just as he does not know how he knew how to wield a sword. In any case, the pair have a lot to talk about - not the least of which is the fact that Zoar is not a bird, according to Teela.
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