Issue:3 - Blood Tide
Philip Tan
Rue Hose, Norman Lee, Ray Snyder & Walden Wong
Keith Giffen
Lee Loughridge
Carlos M. Mangual
Michael McCalister
Collection: DC Comics - Mini-series #2 (2012)
Publisher: DC Comics
Month: October
Year: 2012
Production Country: USA
Issue: 3
Language: English



At the port town of Sand's End, Teela and Adam are forced to sell their Cyber-Camels and pledge themselves to working off the rest of their fares in exchange for passage on a ship. Teela is certain that both of them are under the influence of some kind of curse, causing them to forget their previous lives. Her evidence for this is the fact that Adam's avian companion Zoar is merely a magical construct - not a bird at all. Teela notes that the sophistication of the magic involved in creating him suggests a powerful sorcerer is involved, trying to guide both of them to some destiny. Meanwhile, at Castle Grayskull, Skeletor muses at how he had previously worked so hard to capture Adam's sword, thinking that it was the source of He-Man's power. Now he knows, however, that the sword was merely a conduit for the power residing within Castle Grayskull itself. He demands of his dinner guest that she give up the secret of accessing that power. His guest, the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, is practically catatonic, and cannot reply. While sparring on the deck of the ship they were allowed on, Teela bests Adam once again, and he tries to explain that he does not know where the sudden bursts of warrior-like abilities within him come from. Teela herself does not know from where her own prowess comes from. The captain of the vessel is not blind to Teela's abilities, and he suggests that she use them to fight the sea-monsters that have been following them for some time. He explains that these are likely the creatures of Mer-Man, who believes that he owns the sea. As if in answer, the ship's deck is suddenly smashed by a massive tentacled monster, on which Mer-Man rides. He refers to his prey as Prince Adam, prompting surprise from both Teela and Adam himself. He claims to have met them both many times, but introduces himself nonetheless. He has been tasked by Skeletor with killing Prince Adam, and he intends to do so. In the battle, the Teela is grabbed up by one of the creature's tentacles, and Adam tries to rescue her by chopping through it. In response, the creature tosses Teela into the sea. Adam, inexperienced, faces Mer-Man alone, and doesn't fare well. His enemy lifts a heavy chunk of rock over his head to crush Adam with, but suddenly, a sword pierces through his chest from behind, revealing Teela, who climbed the tentacle back onto the boat. Unfortunately, Mer-Man survives, and the boat begins to sink as he commands the water to rise around them. Teela and Adam are swallowed by the waves, and Mer-Man believes that his job is done. Fortunately, the pair have survived, clinging to debris for their lives.
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