Issue:5 - The Sword And The Sorceress
Philip Tan & Pop Mhan
Pop Mhan, Jim Charalampidis & Lebeau Underwood
Keith Giffen
Lee Loughridge & Jim Charalampidis
Saida Temofonte
Michael McCalister
Collection: DC Comics - Mini-series #2 (2012)
Publisher: DC Comics
Month: December
Year: 2012
Production Country: USA
Issue: 5
Language: English



With Adam just fallen into Evil-Lyn's Cauldron of Doom, Teela is horrified that she lost him. However, Evil-Lyn mocks her pain, revealing that the flames are merely an illusion. Though the flames are hot, they could not kill instantly. It seems that Evil-Lyn intends them to fall over and over, roasting them to death slowly. Though they are forced to resume fighting, Adam has a dangerous plan. The cauldron isn't set flush with its cone, and if they risk jumping down, they will miss the cauldron, and escape. With little warning, he shoves Teela off of their narrow walkway, and soon leaps after her. Despite Teela's annoyance at being pushed into the unknown, they find themselves in a mysterious series of passages and tunnels scrawled with an unreadable language. Evil-Lyn, meanwhile, reports of her having misplaced the two prisoners to an enraged Skeletor. When she points out that the bird Zoar caused Adam to fall, and discover the means of escape, Skeletor realizes that the Sorceress of Grayskull has been undermining him. Angrily, he bursts into her cell and demands to know where in his mind she was hiding. She reveals that she hid in plain sight, within a pleasant memory - moments he rarely revisits. Grabbing her by the neck, he explains that he does not need her to get at Greyskull's power, and snaps it, dropping her limp body to the floor. With the sound of footsteps from Evil-Lyn's pursuers behind them, Adam and Teela come to a strange door, which they are unsure of how to open. When Adam places his hand on it, though, it begins to emit a blindingly white light, and they hope that this is a good sign. The door opens to reveal a cavern, and in the middle of it is a pedestal of stone, into which a sword has been set. When Adam approaches it, knowing that it holds the answers to their problems, he is attacked by a massive tiger. While he struggles to survive, Teela is surprised by Man-At-Arms and his men, who have finally caught up. Seeing that Adam will likely die here, the captain of Evil-Lyn's guard settles on bringing the girl back alone. Desperately, Adam scrabbles his way across the cavern floor to the sword's hilt, and pulls it from the stone. In a flash of light, he is transformed into He-Man. Across Eternia, his friends regain their lost memories, and his enemies prepare for his wrath.
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