Issue:6 - The Power
Collection: DC Comics - Mini-series #2 (2012)
Publisher: DC Comics
Month: January
Year: 2013
Production Country: USA
Issue: 6
Language: English



Evil-Lyn is preparing to abandon her palace, as she knows tha He-Man is on the way. As she opens the door to her quarters, she finds He-Man and Teela waiting for her and demanding information. While Evil-Lyn points out that He-Man has never hit a woman, Teela makes it clear that she has no such problem. At Castle Grayskull, Skeletor has been informed by Beast-Man that He-Man will be coming for him now that he has regained his memories, and wants to prepare Castle Grayskull for a siege. Skeletor tells Beast-Man to do so if it brings him comfort. He then engages in a conversation with a head that has been advising him throughout the series, and eventually throws it through the window in a fit of rage. In a pub elsewhere, the Masters of the Universe have gathered, all of them having remembered who they are. They begin planning how to confront Skeletor. Absent is Orko, who He-Man comments cannot betray them as he is not there. He-Man also refuses the idea of a full-scale assault against Skeletor, electing to go and fight Skeletor alone. However, Teela is insistent that she will accompany him. At Castle Grayskull, the preparations for the expected attack are complete. Skeletor, Beast-Man. and Evil-Lyn overlook the battlefield in from of the castle, and await He-Man's arrival. Skeletor magically removes Evil-Lyn's mouth when she continues to speak even after he has ordered her to be silent. He-Man and Teela make their arrival with He-Man riding Battle-Cat and Teela riding a unicorn. They defeat Skeletor's forces and He-Man goes to engage Skeletor one-on-one. Skeletor finally comes face-to-face with He-Man and they acknowledge their relationship as uncle and nephew, and agree that this is to be their final conflict. Skeletor creates a canyon around them filled with flames, and the battle begins, with Skeletor using the Havoc Staff and his magic, and He-Man relying on the Sword of Power and his physical abilities. As they fight, Skeletor confronts He-Man with the severed head of the Sorceress, causing He-Man to fight even harder to defeat Skeletor. He-Man also informs Skeletor that he has never understood the truth - He-Man's sword is not a conduit for the Power of Grayskull to enter him, but rather it allows the Power of Grayskull to manifest from within him as He-Man does not have the Power, but is the Power. He-Man then delivers a crushing blow to Skeletor, knocking him into the flames and throwing his Havoc Staff after him. He-Man tells Teela that he believes Skeletor is dead, then is seen calling himself a liar under his breath. Skeletor is revealed to have survived the fall into the chasm, but his skull is now cracked and broken, with his lower jaw appearing to be absent. Skeletor finds himself faced with the head that he threw out of the castle earlier, and it is revealed that this is some sort of minion that encourages Skeletor to not accept defeat. The final frames reveal that an unknown enemy that wishes Skeletor dead, but is not yet prepared to see it happen, has been manipulating Skeletor throughout the entire saga.
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