Issue:1 - The Lost Knight
Collection: DC Digital Comics (2012)
Publisher: DC Comics
Month: June
Year: 2012
Production Country: USA
Issue: 1
Language: English



Two young boys are running through a swamp, being chased by a tribe of Beast Men. The boys are rescued by a mysterious knight. We learn things have gone downhill in Preternia since King Grayskull’s death. The warrior then takes the lads back to his cave, where they discover he is in fact Sir Laser Lot, one of King Grayskull’s greatest knights. Laser Lot appears to be wracked by survivor’s guilt and worried about having “lost” King Grayskull’s sword, vowing to find it. Sir Laser-Lot wears the Gem of Talmadge in his chest, a manufactured from a dragon heart gem that gives him his powers. Suddenly the room fills with purple haze and a voice crying out to get “the skull,” referring to a mysterious “Skull of Power”, which heretofore has been sitting around unexplained in the cave. Sir Laser Lot takes this skull, but he is pulled through time into the present Eternia, where he encounters Skeletor and his Evil Warriors.
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