The Origin Of He-Man: The Beginning
Collection: DC Comics - Origins (2012-2013)
Publisher: DC Comics
Month: March
Year: 2013
Production Country:
Issue: 1
Language: English



One night, while sleeping restlessly, Prince Adam of Eternia was awakened by the sound of loud thunder claps in the halls of Castle Grayskull. Fumbling through the darkened passages, Adam made his way to his mother and father's room, noticing that the guards meant to be posted outside were missing. Worried, he stepped into their room, and found that they had both been murdered.Rushing back out into the halls, Adam caught up with a strange man he heard calling out angrily, and ransacking the castle's valuables. Sensing that this stranger was responsible for his parents' death, Adam demanded to know who it was, and what he was doing. Disinterested, the stranger complained of his failure to kill the boy, but soon changed his tack. Rather than kill him, the stranger would spare Adam if he would help to find a certain object: the Power Sword.Reluctantly, Adam agreed, though he attempted to deceive the man by taking a mere antique from the wall, and presenting it as the artifact. Angrily, the stranger crushed the blade in his fist, a far superior fighter to the young prince. Despite his anger, the stranger soon noticed a tapestry on the wall, which told of how the sword was forged by King Grayskull and used to fight off the evil lord Hordak. Sensing the magic, the stranger discovered that the sword was hidden behind the stone wall on which the tapestry was hung.Passing out from the pain of a blast of the stranger's magic, Adam experienced a vivid dream wherein he was visited by the mysterious Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. The woman explained that the Power Sword was his by right. He was one of two prophesied by King Grayskull to become embroiled in a war between two of his own blood. One of those descendants would bring destruction, and the other would fight it back. With the sword in hand, Adam would become the latter, as He-Man, and fight back the evil of Skeletor. He-Man's victory would ensure the safety of their world.Skeletor tore the wall down around Adam, burying him in rubble. Adam woke next to the sword, feebly reaching for it just as Skeletor did himself. As he did so, Adam spoke the words: "By the power of Grayskull... I have the power!", and was instantly transformed into He-Man.Robbed of his chance at power, Skeletor mocked He-Man's efforts, bragging that he was to be the true ruler of Eternia, conqueror of dimensions and the beast of the gar. As their weapons clashed, so began the war for Eternia between two of the line of Grayskull.
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