She-Ra - Princess Of Power - The Red Stone Of Dark
Collection: World I.P. UK - Annuals (1984-1990)
Publisher: World
Year: 1986
Production Country:
Issue: 3
Language: English
Section: Princess Of Power



Shadow Weaver unearths information that a powerful mineral known as Zaronite, which will allow the Horde to detect an enemy at one hundred meters, has been discovered in the Darkmoor Mountains. The Horde send a convoy of machines and Troops to begin the dig for the precious rocks whilst Shadow Weaver gloats at the Great Rebellion. Madame Razz announces that Darkmoor is home to the Queen of the Golden Dragons, who may help the Rebels against the Horde's evil scheme, so they journey to find her. On their quest, they are attacked by the Horde, but eventually reach the site of the Gold Dragons and She-Ra convinces the Queen to help them. Flying to the top of a steep mountain, the regal Dragon blows a pool of water down the mountain side, flooding the mines and therefore putting a half to Hordak and Shadow Weaver's excavation. The Queen of the Golden Dragons becomes a friend to the Great Rebellion and Etheria is safe once more.
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