She-Ra - Princess Of Power - Threat To Crystal Cas
Collection: World I.P. UK - Annuals (1984-1990)
Publisher: World
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 4
Language: English
Section: Princess Of Power



It’s a new day on Etheria and Hordak decides that he will capture the Crystal Castle so that then all Etheria will be his. As the Horde does not know the location of the Castle they plan to catch Kowl and get him to tell them were they can find it. Haven just woken up Adora and Spirit are visited by a panicking Madame Razz who informs them that Kowl was missing at breakfast so Bow went to find him and now he is missing too! Adora transforms in to She-Ra, and as she is about to take of on Swift Wind to search for their missing friends, she hears the Whispering Woods whispering, ‘Lose hope and you will lose the battle!’ Taking note of this they fly of in to the sky. The Horde are having no luck finding out the location of the Crystal Castle from Kowl decide they will let She-Ra lead them there. Batmex are sent to follow She-Ra and Shadow weaver starts to power up her lasers that will destroy the Crystal Castle. She-Ra having been searching for many hours thinks of what the Whispering Woods said and realises that she must go see Light Hope in the Crystal Castle. She-Ra sets of unaware that the Batmeks are following her, although Bow flying upon Arrow is keeping a close eye on them. She-Ra speaks to Light Hope and is told of the plan the Horde have, she is given the Jewel of Confusion that she is to use against the Horde so that they will turn and fight against them self’s. Out side the Castle the Batmeks attack her, She-Ra fights back and Bow joins in helping to destroy all of the flying machines. Bow fills She-Ra in on were Kowl is and they both set of to Beast Island to rescue him. As they approach the island they are spotted by Shadow Weaver who is on the beach still charging her lasers, Hordak appears by her side and they start to fire at She-Ra and Bow. The rays miss them so She-Ra gets out the Jewel, Hordak and Shadow Weaver in their confusion turn upon each other and begin to fight. Leaving them to it She-Ra and Bow fly on to rescue Kowl, after scaring Catra of they free Kowl from his cage and agree that they will tell each other about their mornings over breakfast.
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