Vol. 1 - Issue 01
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Collection: Spain - Zinco - Masters of the Universe (1986-1988)
Publisher: Zinco
Month: January
Year: 1987
Production Country: Spain
Issue: 1
Language: Spanish



The stories are Spanish translations of the German comics from Interpart.

Feature Story #1 – El Fin Del Mundo (The End Of The World)

At Snake Mountain, Trap Jaw and Beast Man watch as Skeletor magically takes control of Anti World, a planet traveling through space destroying planets in it's wake. The planet is populated by horrible monsters, which Skeletor hopes to use in defeating the Masters of the Universe. While Prince Adam, Cringer and Teela stroll through Eternos Marketplace, the Sorceress telepathically alerts him of the approaching danger. Prince Adam and Cringer excuse themselves and disappear into an uninhabited part of the Market Place. There Prince Adam and Cringer, make their transformations into He-Man and Battle Cat race to Castle Grayskull. On their way to the Castle, they run into Whiplash, who tries to smash them with his massive tail. He-Man grabs Whiplash by the tail and swings him around and around, then throwing him deep into the Evergreen Forest. At Castle Grayskull, He-Man and Battle Cat appear before the Sorceress and Zodac. They show He-Man images of the coming catastrophe. Zodac asks for He-Man's assistance in stopping the planet. Afterwards, He-Man and Battle Cat, rush back to the Royal Palace of Eternos, to talk to Man-At-Arms. He-Man, Man-at-Arms and Battle Cat take the Eternos Space Cruiser and begin theit travel to stop the rogue planet before it reaches Eternia. Their plan is to divert the planet to a different course. As they travel begin their launch into the sky, Tri-Klops sends up two robotic ship to destroy them. Stratos comes to the rescue and chases Tri-Klops away, before he could launch anymore. As the heroes go through the surrounding asteroid field, Mam-At-Arms outmaneuvers the two ships, causing them to crash into the asteroids. After the coast was clear, they run into a bunch of giant monsters, that He-Man had a hard time defeating them. At the same time on Eternia, Mer-Man and Beast Man begin to fear that Skeletor will use the rogue planet to destroy Eternia. The two attack Skeletor directly in his stronghold at Snake Mountain. In the heat of the brawl, Trap Jaw falls directly into the magic table, that Skeletor was using to control the course of the planet, smashing it and making it impossible to control the planet's destination. As the planet moves closer to Eternia, He-Man and Man-at-Arms learn that the planet's inhabitants are peaceful magicians, who have sent all evil beings to the world's outer surface. The magicians live in the core of the planet in a paradise like environment, not knowing what was going on. Before He-Man could act, a god-like being appears and uses magic to send the rogue planet back to it's original galaxy. Afterwards, the man simply disappears. When they return to Eternia, He-Man asks the Sorceress about the strange being. She tells him that he was once the leader of the Ancients. He was called the All-Father.

Feature Story #2 – El Día De Las Iracundas Calvaras (Day Of The Angry Skulls)

Skeletor resurrects an army of magical skeletons. They have the ability to reconstruct themselves after being destroyed, making them pretty much undefeatable. Skeletor sends his new army to destroy He-Man. As the skeletons marched along, Stratos spotted them from the sky and went to warn He-Man. He-Man attacked the skeletons with his sword, while Stratos dropped a large rock on them, leaving them in a pile of bones. The two watched as the skeletons reconstruct themselves. He-Man recognizes that he can only win if he goes to their center of power. Destroying their graves, the evil magic fades and the bones disappear.

Clawful94 Translation

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