1984 Masters of the Universe Annual
Collection: World I.P. UK - Annuals (1984-1990)
Publisher: World
Year: 1984
Production Country: Italy
Issue: 01
Language: English
Section: Masters of the Universe - Original

Front Cover (Hardcover)
Front Cover (Hardcover)


Scans By:

- Clawful94


  • Our Warriors - An introduction to the Action Figures of the Heroic Warriors, with bios. Some of the figures were the prototype versions. Characters Included: He-Man, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Stratos, Zodac, Man-E-Faces, Ram Man and Zoar. (Page: 5)
  • Skeletor and his Allies - An introduction to the Action Figures of the Evil Warriors, with bios. Some of the figures were the prototype versions. Characters Included: Skeletor, Beast Man, Mer-Man, Evil-Lyn, Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops and Faker. (Page: 8)
  • Feature Story #1: "The Traveler" - A story about Prince Amberis, of the City Of Auriconia, who decided to travel Eternia, against his mother's wishes. She would fear for his safety, would imagine that he had been kidnapped or injured in some way. Her worry would be the worse because she had no other children. His grandmother, the old queen, was disappointed that he was not a female child and the Kingdom Of Auriconia had never had a queen. When he finally he arrives in the Kingdom Of Eternia, he is captured by Skeletor and a trucked merchant. Their plan was to sell him at the Marketplace of Eternos City, along with many caged creatures. As Prince Adam, Teela, Orko and Cringer arrive in the market place, they notice the merchant with the collection of creatures, which were sitting miserably in small, cramped cages, while their keeper poked and prodded them with a cruel stick. The four found that the treatment of the animals, were cruel. They begin to think of a way to set them all free. Teela urges Adam to buy one and when people see the prince do this, they may fallow. With the help of Orko, they decided on the creature, which turns out to be Prince Amberis. As they walk away, Skeletor watches from a distance, in a purple cloak, The four bring the creature to Prince Adam's room, where Adam opened the cage a let the creature out. He found that the creature was indeed very intelligent and was able to have a conversation with him. As Prince Amberis drank and washed up with the water that was given to him, he told Adam the story of his journey. Adam was surprised to hear that Prince Amberis came from Auriconia, because it was believed that the kingdom was only a legend. After Prince Amberis expresses his feelings being homesick, Teela promised to bring Prince Amberis back home, but thought that He-Man would be needed if Skeletor is involved in this. Prince Adam goes to pretend to find He-Man. In a hidden part of the palace, Prince Adam changes into He-Man. Upon the Wind Raider, Teela and He-Man, travel to bring Prince Amberis back to his home. When they arrived, Amberis thanked Teela and gave her a beautiful emerald ornament to put in her hair. Prince Amberis hurried towards his kingdom and disappeared among the mist. As the two arrived into Eternos, they find Skeletor and the Merchant crammed inside cages by the crowd, looking miserable. (Page: 11)
  • Featured Story #2: "The Shrine of the Iron Mountains" - There is a legend on Eternia, that there is a shrine, high up in the cold, windswept Iron Mountains. It is rumored that priests, who worship a deity, reside there. No one has ever been up to the shrine and lived to tell the tale, for the mountain's face is very sheer, and those who tried, fell to their deaths. Many have tried, for the legend says that the keepers of the shrine, guard priceless treasures, chalices, goblets and jewelry, which have remained in their care for centuries, safe from the thieving hands of the greedy. The guardians of the shrine remain there, alone in their exalted isolation, the subjects of countless rumors and legends. Skeletor, Beast Man and Tri-Klops plan to ascend the mountain and capture the treasures. While Prince Adam, Orko and Teela have a picnic in the Evergreen Forest, Teela accidentally falls asleep. While Teela slept, Prince Adam is summoned to Castle Grayskull by Zoar. When Teela woke up it was growing dark, she realized that she was alone. Looking wildly around for Prince Adam and Orko, she cursed her own stupidity for falling asleep, allowing Adam and Orko a chance to slip away and get into some mischief. The Sorceress tells He-Man and Orko, that Skeletor plans to steal the treasures of the shrine, in order to buy more mercenaries, who he would use to defeat He-Man. He worries on how he will climb the mountain, with the face is as sheer as a mirror, but the Sorceress tells him that a way will be found. At the entrance to the shrine, Tri-Klops stood in front, with his eye fixed on the valley thousands of feet below the ledge on which he stood. Inside the cave, Skeletor and Beast Man travel into the shrine. Tri-Klops notices movement in the distance and realized that it was Stratos, with Orko holding on tightly. Tri-Klops's eye was so fixed upon the flying, darting swooping Stratos, that he didn't see He-Man attack him from behind, knocking his sword from his hand and making him their prisoner. He-Man spies into the shrine, to see Skeletor and Beast Man demanding that the Monks tell then where the treasures are hidden. When they refuse to respond, Skeletor tells Beast Man to take them one-by-one, outside and throw them off the cliff. Before Beast Man could do so, He-Man captures Beast Man as well. The two captured villains would be tied up. When He-Man announces his presence, Skeletor realizes he is alone and quickly retreats. At the Royal Palace Of Eternos, Teela is relieved to see Orko and Prince Adam, who she scolded for disappearing like they did. (Page: 18)
  • Featured Story #3: "The Fight for Prison Star" - At the Royal Palace Of Eternos, Teela sat entranced as she watched Man-E-Faces performance of the “Soliloquy of Toman”, the most famous play by the great Eternian bard, Xipotam. When Man-E-Faces came to the end of the soliloquy, Skeletor takes control of his monster personality and captures Teela, bringing her to Skeletor's lair, Point Dread. Orko had witnessed the whole thing and quickly wet to tell Man-At-Arms and He-Man. He-Man deduces that this is part of a plan, of Skeletor, that has to do with the Prison Star, that had recently committed, Faker, for his terrible crimes. It has been reported that Skeletor and Trap Jaw have been seen together. Trap Jaw is a former inmate of the Prison Star, and would know the entire layout of the prison. He-Man believes that Skeletor plans to use Man-E-Faces and Teela as hostages or bait to lure He-Man to the Prison Star, where Trap Jaw knows many of the murderous criminals imprisoned there. He-Man and Man-At-Arms agree that they must go to free Teela and Man-E-Faces. The Chief Guard Of The Prison Star was a friend of He-Man. He-Man and Man-At-Arms travel to the Prison Star to warn the Chief Guard Of The Prison Star of the suspected plan of Skeletor. Skeletor is angered when he learns that they had been expected. Without hesitation, Skeletor and Trap Jaw kill three of the Prison Star Guardsmen. Fallowing that event, Teela kicked Trap Jaw into Skeletor and knocking them on the floor. While she escapes, she sounds the alarm. Hearing the alarm, He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Chief Guard Of The Prison Star and the newly arrived Ram Man, began to spring into action. Meanwhile, Trap Jaw frees Faker from his cell. Meanwhile, Teela arrives at the Guard Station, to free herself from the bounded ropes around her wrists and quickly arms herself with a Laser Rifle, heading out to meet up with He-Man. As Skeletor, Trap Jaw and Faker make their way to their Spacecraft, they are met by He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Ram Man and the Chief Guard Of The Prison Star. He-Man and Faker battled until their muscles began to ache. Faker was taken off-guard when Ram-Mam rammed into him like a bullet, leaving him motionless. With an evil trick, Skeletor, Faker and Trap Jaw disappeared. At that point Teela is reunited with her friends and reveals that Man-E-Faces is on Eternia, because she tricked him into turning into his robotic form and became useless to Skeletor. He-Man gives credit to the Chief Guard Of Prison Star, for keeping the other prisoners are safe within their cells. (Page: 27)
  • He-Man's Vehicles - An introduction to the Vehicles of the Masters Of The Universe That included: Battle Ram, Attak Trak & Wind Raider (Page: 34)
  • Featured Story #4: "The Time Portal Opens" - Prince Adam is bored and decides to take Cringer to pass the time by exploring the attics of the Royal Palace. The attics were one of Adam's favorite childhood indoor playing areas in his childhood.While looking through odds and ends, Adam discovers an ancient portrait of long dead ancestor, named Queen Xerxa from 4 or 500 years in the past. Adam is startled, when Queen Xerxa's spirit materializes and starts speaking to him from beyond the grave! She tells him to not be afraid, she is not appearing before him to hurt him. She asks for his help, for she is one of the many ancients spirits trapped on modern day Eternia, as the Time Portal had been shut by a villain, who wanted to discover the secrets of Castle Grayskull. She asks him to help her reopen the time portal, so her people can return to their own time. After he agrees to help her, she warns that Skeletor is close to entering Castle Grayskull and sealing the portal for good. Using the Sword Of Power, Prince Adam and Cringer transforms into He-Man and Battle Cat. Together with the Spirit Of Queen Xerxa, who sprinted off to Castle Grayskull. As He-Man arrives at Castle Grayskull, he wonders what kind of plan has Skeletor come up with. He-Man tells Battle Cat, that Man-At-Arms is on his way with the Battle Ram. Once inside, the Sorceress tells He-Man that she already knows why He-Man has come and they must reopen the portal, before Queen Xerxa and her people are trapped on Eternia for good. She reveals that it was an ancestor of Skeletor, who originally trapped her here. Skeletor tricks the He-Man into believing that he was Man-At-Arms. When He-Man allows him entry, they soon learn the truth. The Sorceress tells He-Man that Queen Xerxa and her people are now here, ready for the portal to open. As Skeletor makes his way to the throne room, the Sorceress tells He-Man that he must use his mind to open the portal, while sitting on the Throne Of Power. As He-Man sits upon the Skeletor arrives in the Throne Room, where Battle Cat sprang forward with a great roar to crouch menacingly in front of him. As Skeletor steps closer, Battle Cat lunges at him, pinning him to the ground. With a loud crackle, the portal is opened, allowing Queen Xerxa and her people to return to their rightful place. Seeing that he had lost, Skeletor quickly retreated.(Page:36)
  • Featured Story #5: "The Lodestone of the Iron Forest" - He-Man comes to the rescue of the Dwarves of the Iron Forest, he learns that skeletor is after is after the magic Lodestone, that the Dwarfs posses. If the Skeletore gets it, he could become stronger than He-Man! He-Man and Battle Cat engage Skeletor and Panthor in battle, and drive them off. The Dwarves are grateful, and thank He-Man for saving them. Skeletor and Evil-Lyn conceive a plan, where she would magically disguise herself as a beautiful young peasant, who seems to be in trouble and trick the Dwarfs into handing it over the Lodestone, taking advantage of their well known tendency to boast. When the Dwarfs come to the rescue of the disguised Evil-Lyn, she tells them, that she has wandered far from home and become hopelessly lost in the Iron Forest. She gains the Dwarfs sympathy, and they take her into their fortress. As planned, the Dwarfs can't resist the opportunity to show off, and they take her into their secret vault. Once inside, Evil-Lyn successfully grabs the Lodestone and escapes. The Dwarves send out a desperate call to the Sorceress, who in turn alerts Prince Adam to the situation. Prince Adam once again becomes He-Man, and Cringer onto Battle Cat. Together, ride out to retrieve the Lodestone from their enemies, but they are too late, for Evil-Lyn has already delivered the stone to Skeletor. As. Skeletor chants the magic spell, Evil-Lyn keeps He-Man busy by bringing an army of Rock Monsters to life, and sending them into battle against our hero, He-Man. He-Man reduces them to rubble, but then he finds he has the super-strong Skeletor to deal with. During their battle, He-Man seizes Skeletor's magic stone and smashes it. With his source of super-strength gone, skeletor knows he can't fight He-Man and win. He vanishes with Evil-Lyn, vowing to return someday and destroy He-Man forever! Later, He-Man celebrates the victory with the Dwarfs of the Iron Forest. They have learned their lesson, and next time promise to be less vain in the future. (Page:44)
  • Feature Story #6: "The Crown of Tarn" - King Randor sends Prince Adam, Cringer and Man-At-Arms to the neighboring Kingdom Of Tarn, when he leans that the Crown Of Tarn has been stolen from, Queen Amaxa. Without the crown, the kingdom is thrown into major chaos. Queen Amaxa is revealed to be the cousin of King Randor. Along the way, Prince Adam and Cringer transform into He-Man and Battle Cat, before they arrive in the Kingdom Of Tarn. When they arrive at the Royal Palace of Tarn, they learn that it is on an island on a small lake, with a causeway that connects the island to the mainland. As He-Man, Battle Cat and Man-At-Arms enter the throne room, the Prime Minister of Tarn, tells them that the queen is afraid that it was one of Skeletor's minions, that have stolen the crown. That the magic of the crown only works, if the true ruler of Tarn wears the crown. With the unrest that the stolen crown causes, Queen Amaxa would have to give up the throne. He-Man believes that if Skeletor was the suspect, he plans to use Queen Amaxa as a pawn, who would be forced to serve the evil being. After talking to Queen Amaxa, the deduce that Mer-Man and Skeletor were behind this theft. That night, Battle Cat was assigned to be the bodyguard of Queen Amaxa, while He-Man and Man-At-Arms waited to see, if the thief would return. Mer-Man is discovered as the thief for Skeletor. While Man-At-Arms battled Mer-Man, He-Man faced Skeletor. He-Man tricks Skeletor into believing that the crown has no real magic. After Skeletor threw the crown away, He-Man managed to knock Skeletor into the depths of lake, that surrounded the Royal Palace of Tarn. Queen Amaxa was very grateful to regain the crown. (Page:52)
  • The Race to Castle Grayskull - Board Game (Page:62)


- The first annual dated 1984, but released in late 1983, was very much like the early mini-comics that came with the figures.

- The stories were very He-Man/Skeletor orientated, and included characters such as Tri-Klops, Trap Jaw and even Faker acting as cold-blooded warriors.

- Prince Adam was in the stories, but not like his cartoon self. He is slightly more heroic.

- King Randor is called King Miro in this book.

- Orko, too, appears in this book, but only in a few stories, and his name is "Gorpo." Gorpo was the original name of Orko as dictated by the He-Man bible. This means that this book was based around the series bible in some aspects.

- Very interesting things to note in this particular book. Prince Adam can only become He-Man by striking his sword against stone! This was never seen anywhere else.

- This book features some excellent shots of the action figure prototypes.

- The artwork in this book isn't too bad, but it's strangely printed mainly in black, white, and shades of red and pink.

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Front Cover (Paperback)Rear Cover (Paperback)
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