1986 Masters of the Universe Annual
Collection: World I.P. UK - Annuals (1984-1990)
Publisher: World
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Section: Masters of the Universe - Original

MOTU Annual 1986
MOTU Annual 1986



  • By the Power of Grayskull
  • "The Song of the Sea"
  • "The Witches of the Western Hills"
  • "The Stealing of the Teela"
  • "The Unwelcome Guest" (a comic panel story)
  • "Silvanos Threatened"
  • "Kidnap!"
  • The Masters Wordsearch

(This annual focused a lot on He-Man and more on his love with Teela. It had at least a few stories were Teela would display her love for He-Man. Orko hardly appears in the book, as it appears that the writers chose not to bother with him. The artwork started off in the same style as the 1985 annual, then it goes downhill in the last few stories. It's a vastly different style and makes the characters have huge black outlines around them, and the faces are awful.)

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