Maze of Doom
Pages: Al McWilliams
Cover: Fred Carrillo
Roger McKenzie
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Collection: Golden Heroic Champions (1985)
Publisher: Golden
Year: 1985
Production Country: USA
Issue: Issue 4 of 4 (MOTU)
Language: English
Section: Masters of the Universe - Original

Inside Front
Inside Front


Release Date: ??/??/1985

It is early in the morning at the Royal Palace of Eternia, when Teela burst into Prince Adam's room waking him and Cringer, telling them to look out the window quickly. Outside, The Palace gardens had grown into a jungle overnight. 

King Randor and Queen Marlena call several of the heroes to the Throne Room in order to discuss a plan of action, those heroes being Man-At-Arms, Teela, Orko, Mekaneck, and Price Adam. Suddenly and image of Skeletor's face appears stating that no one, not even He-Man can escape his magical "Maze of Doom".

Man-At-Arms climbing onto the "Dragon Walker" and Teela on the Attak Trak say that they will try and find a path out of the maze, while the other heroes remain to guard the palace. Silently slipping away Adam raises the Power Sword to transform him into He-Man and Cringer to Battle Cat, then they entered the maze hoping to help the other heroes solve this problem. 

As vines tie up the Attak Trak, Teela is ambushed by Clawful, but as she strikes him he bursts into a flash of light. 

In another part of the maze, falling boulders begin to block the Dragon Walker's Path and Man-At-Arms is attacked by Whiplash. Striking with his mace Whiplash also disappears in burst of light, surprising Duncan. 

Finally in another part of the maze, evil vines are having no luck grabbing He-Man and Battle Cat, who are soon jumped by Kobra Khan spraying his deadly mists. He-Man whirls the Power Sword like a fan blowing away the mist, while Battle Cat jumps at Kobra Khan who bursts into a flash of light.

Eventully all of the heroes meet at the center of Skeletor's maze, apparently right at the gates of Castle Greyskull. Running to the Jaw Bridge, the heroes are confronted by the Sorceress who tells them to get inside quickly because Skeletor is on his way. This false Sorceress, really Evil-Lyn, zaps our heroes and we see that she has also used her magic to tie up the "Real" Sorceress and make a fake castle. Without Evil-Lyn's notice, the real Sorceress uses her magic to wake He-Man, who then used the Power Sword to break her chains. The Sorceress then uses her magic to banish Evil-Lyn far from the castle and generates a magic portal. As the other heroes awaken they are all teleported through the portal back to the Royal Palace.

At the Palace, Randor and the Royal Guard are doing their best to fend off a demon army being led by Skeletor, Whiplash, Clawful, and Kobra Khan. Just in time, He-Man and the other heroes appear and begin fighting off the evil fiends.

As the villians begin to retreat He-Man and Skeletor square for one last fight, but as Skeletor starts losing he casts a spell and disappears from battle, cursing all the way. As Skeletor vanishes so does his evil "Maze of Doom", returnig the Castle to what it once was.

Teela and the other heroes then note how peaceful the gardens have become and that the keep fighting to make sure that it remains this way for the future. One thing to note about this story, as with the other "Golden Heroic Champion" books, is that He-Man is shown on the cover wearing his "Battle Armor", but inside is wearing his more famous "standard" armor.

Maze of DoomInside Backrear cover
Maze of DoomInside Backrear cover
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