She-Ra - Princess of Power Annual 1987
Collection: World I.P. UK - Annuals (1984-1990)
Publisher: World
Year: 1987
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 1 of 2
Language: English
Section: Princess Of Power

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Page 1



  • The Path to Crystal Castle

Feature Story 1: "Genie With the 'I Don't Care'" 

  • She-Ra's Friends 

Feature Story 2: "Into the Dream Cave" 

  • The Forces of the Horde 

Feature Story 3: "The Mapmaker's Sister" The villagers from the Patchwork Hills were gentle, peaceful people. The hills had got their name because of the countless small, fertile fields that covered them. These fields grew all kinds of different crops and, at harvest time, the varying shape, size and color of each field made it seem as if a gigantic patchwork quilt had been laid across the gentle, rolling hills. For a long time now the Patchwork Hills had been under the control of the Horde. However, as each year the Horde took more and more of the crops and left in return only statues of Hordak, the people began to grow angry. Eventually, when they saw the sadness and hunger in their children's eyes, the villagers could stand it no longer and an uprising took place. However, these gentle hill people were no match for the ruthless, heavily armed forces of the Horde, and the uprising was soon squashed. To teach the villagers a lesson, Hordak decreed that this particular year he would take their entire crop and leave them with nothing to feed themselves. When the forces of the great Rebellion heard of the plight of the people of the Patchwork Hills, they held a meeting to try and think of some way that they could help them. Eventually, Kowl devised a plan. First, Madame Razz and Broom were sent to deal with the transporter trucks that Hordak had sent to carry away the villagers' crops. Madame Razz cast a spell that transformed the forest into a maze of confusing and complicated roads that would cause the Horde transporters to circle endlessly within the trees, lost. Buying time with Madame Razz's spell, up in the hills the rebels worked side by side with the villagers to get their crops loaded onto the carts. The carts were then driven to the country beyond the hills where their contents were stored in the deep, cool cave systems hidden amongst the mountain slopes. As Adora helped to load the carts, she noticed a young girl staring curiously at her who seemed familiar, but the girl turned away angrily before Adora could speak with her. As soon as all the grain was loaded, the rebels' carts had departed for the last time to the secret storage caves. No sooner were they gone than the villagers began to set fire to the stubble that remained in their fields. Kowl and Bow devised an excuse to tell Hordak that it was the fault of one of his jet flyers that had destroyed all the villagers crops. After the work was done, Adora went to seek out the young girl who had earlier given her such a strange and unfriendly look, for she had just remembered why the girl was familiar. When she found her, the girl accused Adora for the death of her brother, Landor. The name struck a chord with Adora and she began an explanation to the girl's claims when suddenly a spy bat appeared and crash landed when Bow struck it down with one of his arrows. The crash from the spy bat startled the young girl's horse, and she was thrown into the swiftly flowing millstream. The water carried her towards the watermill's huge wooden wheel, and she begged Adora to help her. Ducking behind the watermill, Adora transformed into She-Ra, and she raced to save the girl just in time before wheel crushed her. Kowl and Bow both came to the young girl's aide as She-Ra quietly vanished. When she reappeared moments later as the Princess Adora, the girl pointed an accusing finger at her and complained that Adora had abandoned her in her time of need. When Adora protested and tried to say she had gone for help, the girl broke in angrily again, stating that Adora hated her because she knew who she was, and how she'd ordered to have Landor killed. Confused, Bow asked for the girl to explain her story from the beginning. The girl told them that her name was Azana and that one day a force of Horde troopers had come to the village where she and her brother had lived. Her brother Landor had been one of Etheria's finest cartographers - a maker of magical maps - and the Horde troopers had taken him away. She never saw him again. She named Adora as the leader of the troopers that took Landor that day. Adora remembered sadly the years she had spent being raised by Hordak, years that Hordak had stolen from her. She admitted to having been the captain of the Horde forces before she'd joined the rebellion, and apologized for having been a part of it. She then revealed that Landor was still alive - Hordak had wanted him for his skills. She told Azana that Landor was kept under guard in the Fright Zone and that Hordak continued to force him to make his magical maps of all of the kingdoms that his Horde had conquered. The look of hope that had momentarily entered Azana's eyes disappeared as she heard this, ascertaining that if Landor was a prisoner of the Fright Zone, then he might as well already be dead. Kowl proclaimed that where this is life, there is always hope. Bow and Kowl hatched a plan to get Landor back. On their way to the Flight Zone they encountered a band of Horde troopers that had broken their way through Madame Razz's magical maze, and Adora stayed back in order to fight them off as She-Ra. Azana, Bow and Kowl all fled for the Fright Zone. After having made quick work of the troopers, She-Ra and Swift Wind flew to meet their allies in the Fright Zone. When they arrived, they found the battle in full swing. Madame Razz already had Landor aboard Broom who was dodging this way and that to avoid Shadow Weaver's spells. Kowl had picked up a mirror from amongst Landor's map making equipment and reflected one of Mantenna's energy beams back into his eyes, and now Hordak's hideous, four-legged servant was imprisoned in one of his own power blocks. Meanwhile, Bow's arrows had driven the snarling feline form of Catra back into the castle's shadows. Hordak came crashing through the wall with a deadly whirling blade on the end of his arm. She-Ra somersaulted over the evil tyrant as he charged at her and Hordak's outstretched arm smashed into the magic map on the wall. His blade got caught on the intricate mechanisms of the map, and he was stuck, spinning in large circles, and cursing the rebels in his fury. Using a spell from Madame Razz, the rebels laughed at the spinning Hordak as they made their escape. Back at the rebels' camp in the Whispering Woods, Azana's joy at seeing her brother again was mixed with sorrow as she thought about Princess Adora - fearing that the Horde troopers had captured her when she'd stayed behind to fight them. With a wink, She-Ra leaves the camp, and Madame Razz comforts Azana's fears, saying she's sure that Adora will be along any minute. 

Feature Story 4: "The Curse of the Lion People" (a comic panel story) In a far corner of Etheria, Princess Adora dives for precious stones in a shimmering pool. Spirit, who is on the shore hears cries for help and goes to investigate. He finds a Lion Man being attacked by a winged beast with laser blasters. Spirit sprints off and tells Adora, who quickly transforms herself into She-Ra, and Spirit into Swift Wind. She-Ra quickly made scrap out of the robotic monster. As soon as the creature was destroyed, Hordak and his minions began to attack. Madame Razz, who was nearby joined in the action. Madame Razz rescued Lion-Or with her broom. She-Ra eventually got the upper hand and Hordak retreated. Back at the Valley Of The Lion People, Lion-Or tells She-Ra about his peaceful tribe of River Dwellers had been protected through the ages by the Gong Of Leona, a magical instrument that cloaked his people in invisibility. One day Hordak arrived and took the Gong and threatened them that he would unleash a river beast if they didn't help him fight the Great Rebellion. All of a sudden the water of the river began to boil and out comes a giant river demon. She-Ra and the Lion Men began to battle the demon. She-Ra discovers that the demon is made of metal. Light Hope contacts She-Ra and tells her to use the precious stones that she found to control water. With the precious stones, She-Ra and Swift Wind cause a whirlpool that crushes the beast. When the smoke clears the Lion People discover a secret cave that Hordak hid the Gong Of Leona in. As She-Ra leaves, the Lion People pledge their loyalty to the Great Rebellion.

Feature Story 5: "She-Ra's Surprise" 

Feature Story 6: "Rescue of the Rainbow River" When Spritina, Sprocker and Spragg were boating down the Rainbow River on a leaf, they fell asleep. As they slept the Rainbow River carried them onward and out of the Whispering Forest. When they awoke, they found themselves in an area that once was part of the Rainbow River. The water now flowed black and without a paddle the frightened Twiggets couldn't paddle to shore. As they drifted towards the Growing Sea, they saw abandoned villages, rotting sunken boats and the eyes of creatures staring at them as they went by. Spritina was saddened by what the Horde did to this river. Eventually the Twiggets ran into a platoon of Horde Troopers, who fired a shot that put a hole in the leaf boat. Just as the leaf began to sink, Bow and Adora came to their rescue. In the commotion Adora slipped away a turned into She-Ra. She-Ra and Bow disposed of the Horde Troopers. They then saw a stone pillar grab a hold of the Twiggets and swallowed them whole. They found that the stone pillar was built and controlled by a techno-wizard named Gurgle. Gurgle had put all the River People in glass bubbles to keep them safe from Hordak's Dam Of Dispair. Bow and She-Ra were then reunited with the Twiggets, who were hiding behind a panel of gizmos. She-Ra, Bow and Gurgle traveled down the river to the Dam Of Dipair. As bow and She-Ra battled the Horde Troopers, Gurgle used his magical screwdriver and his disappearing dust to get rid of the Dam Of Dispair. 

Feature Story 7: "Madame Razz's Potion"

  • Battle for Brightmoon

This annual, like the He-Man 1987 annual, was very cartoon influenced. Lots of model sheet poses from Filmation have made their way into it. The artwork is okay, the second half of the annual produced some vastly improved artwork. The comic strip panel is actually by the same bad artist who eventually illustrates the comic strip panel in the much later Masters of the Universe annual 1989.

She-Ra - Princess of Power Annual 1987
She-Ra - Princess of Power Annual 1987
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