The Secret of the Sword
Audrey Daly
Collection: Ladybird - Princess of Power (1986)
Publisher: Ladybird
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Section: Princess Of Power

The Secret of the Sword
The Secret of the Sword



Artwork - Fabulous use of stills from the film, plus the front and back inside covers contain cool montages of the good and evil warriors. Summary - "The book of the film". Follows closely to the well known story in the excellent film about Prince Adam (He-Man) finding his twin sister Adora (She-Ra). Adam gets sent to Etheria by the Sorceress in search for the owner of the Sword of Protection. After a small battle with the Horde he helps the Great Rebellion. He goes to Doom Tower undercover but is captured and put in the prison. He tells Force Captain Adora about how the Horde is evil and although she thinks she is lying she later witnesses their evilness herself. Meanwhile He-Man is having his will power drained to feed the Magna so Hordak could teleport Whispering Woods away revealing the hiding place of The Great Rebellion. Meanwhile, Adora dreams of the Sorceress who tells her to go to the captured rebel. When in the prison the Sword of Protection's Gem glowed and showed the Sorceress who told Adora to free He-Man, her brother, for the honour of Grayskull. And with those words she transformed into She-Ra, Princess of Power. She-Ra freed He-Man and their first mission was to save Queen Angella from the evil Harpies. When the Queen was safely returned Adora went back to Eternia to meet her parents. Unfortunately the celebrations were interrupted by Skeletor and Hordak. When they sorted out the evil ones they returned to re-capture Castle Brightmoon from the Horde. The Battle was won, but not the war ... Comments - Unfortunately the film was so long and jam-packed with action that the book loses depth as it skips details (such as She-Ra miraculously healing her winged Unicorn, Swift Wind) and therefore is more of a documentary than a story. However it is fun to listen to the tape in the car as it brings the story a little more to life. Overall it is a great story that has been summarized too much by Daly leaving it with a feeling of incompleteness.

Review by Thom McKiernan

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