Across the Crystal Light Barrier
Collection: Princess of Power Mini-Comics (Mattel)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1986
Production Country:
Issue: Series 2 --- 1 of 5
Language: English

Cover (US)
Cover (US)


Following a picnic outing, Glimmer challenges Adora to a horseback race. As Spirit and Arrow gallop along, a dazzling portal of light erupts in their path, swallowing up Adora and Spirit. Horse and rider find themselves stranded in a strange dimension called Crystal World, where everything, including plants and animals, is composed of sparkling, jewel-like crystal. Searching for a way to return home, Adora and Spirit encounter a herd of crystal horses, one of whom, a stallion named Moonbeam, explains the strange effect that walking in Crystal World has on visitors. Touching the ground in this weird realm means eventually turning to crystal. Adora is safe, having remained on Spirit’s back, but Spirit himself has already begun to change. Moonbeam introduces his sister, Sun Dancer, who knows the way to re-cross the Crystal Light Barrier. The problem is, you have to be able to fly. She-Ra and newly crystallized Swift Wind soar with their new friends through the Crystal Light Portal, arriving once again on Etheria. After a quick change, Adora and Crystal Spirit assure their friends at the picnic that they are safe, and introduce them to their new friends, the Crystal Horses.

1986, Series 2. Packaged with Starburst She-Ra

The comic was also available as

  • German/Italian bilingual version in Europe:
        "Ein Sprung durch die kristallene Lichtmauer" (German)
        "Viaggio oltre le Luce" (Italian)
  • UK/French bilingual version in Europe:
        "Across the Crystal Light Barrier" (UK)
        "La Barriere de Cristal" (French)

  • Missing BackCover/CrossSell All Languages!

  • Cover
    Cover (UK)Cover (Italian)Cover (German)Cover (French)
    Cover (UK)Cover (Italian)Cover (German)Cover (French)
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