Don't Rain on my Parade!
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Collection: Princess of Power Mini-Comics (Mattel)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1986
Production Country:
Issue: Series 3 --- 1 of 2
Language: English

Cover (US)
Cover (US)


Adora has been chosen to lead the Parade of Happiness, a celebration of freedom throughout the Whispering Woods. But She-Ra is forced to step in, when Catra crashes the party in the name of the Evil Horde, and practically drowns the entire Great Rebellion with her new Shower Squirter weapon. She-Ra unleashes her Bubble Blower, and creates a barrier of bubbles between her drenched friends and the hydro-powered she-cat. She-Ra delivers the incredibly corny line: “You can try to burst my bubbles, Catra. But don’t rain on my parade!” And the battle is on between the Bubble Blower and the Shower Squirter. She-Ra’s barrage of bubbles brings smiles to the Rebels’ faces, and the light of their smiles, shining through Catra’s shower, creates a tremendous rainbow, foiling the foul feline’s attempt to ruin the Parade of Happiness. Catra stalks off in disgust (as I would have), and She-Ra leads the cheering parade to new heights of happiness.

1987, Series 3.Packaged with Bubble Power She-Ra and Shower Power Catra

The comic was also available as

  • English/German/Italian/French quadrilingual version in Europe and Canada:
        "Don't rain on my Parade" (UK/Canadian English)
        "Ein Triumphzug des Lächelns" (German)
        "Una Sfilata di Sorrisi" (Italian)
        "Qu'il ne pleuve pas sur mon Defile" (French/Canadian French)

  • Missing BackCover/CrossSell All Languages!

  • Cover
    Cover (UK/Canadian English)Cover (French/Canadian French)
    Cover (UK/Canadian English)Cover (French/Canadian French)
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