Journey to Mizar
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Collection: Princess of Power Mini-Comics (Mattel)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1985
Production Country:
Issue: Series 1 --- 2 of 5
Language: English

Cover (US)
Cover (US)


Out for a ride on the first day of spring, Adora spies a winged woman falling from the sky near the Crystal Castle. A quick transformation and it’s She-Ra and Swift Wind to the rescue, catching the angel-woman in mid-air. The exhausted Angella, Queen of the mountain city of Mizar, has come in search of help for her people and her city, under siege from Catra and her flying feline cohorts, the catbirds. Of course, She-Ra helps. Separated from Swift Wind and Angella on the flight back to Mizar, She-Ra must journey alone on foot. Aided by a mysterious wizardess known as the Seer, She-Ra strikes a bargain with a fire-breathing dragoness, and obtains the Map of Lights, which magically points the way. A ride on a river raft turns perilous, thanks to interference from Catra. Spying on She-Ra through her crystal ball, the feline fiend orchestrates attacks on her, first by her easily-averted catbirds, then by a swarm of sea monsters, of whom She-Ra makes short work by conjuring up a boiling whirlpool! Surviving a dangerous patch of rocky rapids, She-Ra arrives at Mizar Mountain, just as Catra takes matters into her own paws, using her mask to strike in the form of a small black cat, seizing the Map of Lights from She-Ra, and making good her retreat. Calling Swift Wind to her side, She-Ra uses a magical net (a gift from the Seer) to transform Catra’s attacking catbirds into stone, forming a protective wall around the city. Mizar is saved, and a grateful Angella offers She-Ra and Swift Wind the key to the city.

1985, Series 1.Packaged with Catra and Angella

The comic was also available as

  • German/Italian bilingual version in Europe:
        "Der Weg nach Mizar" (German)
        "Un Viaggio a Mizar" (Italian) 
  • UK/French bilingual version in Europe:
        "Journey to Mizar" (UK)
        "Voyage a Mizar" (French)
  • Cover
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    Cover (French)Cover (UK)Cover (Italian)Cover (German)Back Cover(US)
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