The Story of She-Ra
Collection: Princess of Power Mini-Comics (Mattel)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1984
Production Country: Hong Kong
Issue: Series 1 --- 1 of 5
Language: English

Cover (US)
Cover (US)


She-Ra's origin is told, along with a few twists. The Sorceress is troubled by a nightmare of Hordak disappearing through a dimensional portal with a kidnapped infant, as a helpless Man-At-Arms looks on in despair. Frightened awake, the Sorceress is astonished by a vision of a glowing sword, which beckons her to a long-unopened portal within Castle Grayskull. Summoning He-Man, the Sorceress sends Eternia’s champion through the portal, to find the child, taken so long ago, with only the Sword of Power to guide him in his quest. Meanwhile, in the Dark Forest, Princess Adora, astride her talking steed Spirit, is fleeing from a horrid army of cat-like goblins, lead by their ferocious feline commander, Catra. Taking refuge within the Crystal Castle, Adora is subjected to threats and insults from the cruel cat-woman, who vows to oust the princess, and gain control over all Etheria, with the power of her evil shield. Adora is rattled, but trusts in the power of her own magic shield to keep her safe. When power blasts from Catra’s shield threaten to shake the castle apart, Adora rushes to the roof, and, invoking the power of a greater good through her shield, suddenly is aware of what she must do to save the day. Unsheathing a golden sword, Adora holds it high, and says the words that transform her into She-Ra. Flying on her winged unicorn Swift Wind, the mighty She-Ra looses a bolt of magic energies from her sword, transforming the Dark Forest into a beautiful glen, and changing Catra’s goblin lackeys back into gentle forest creatures. Catra counterattacks, using her shield to create a wild tornado, which envelops and holds She-Ra and Swift Wind, leaving Catra free to plunder the Crystal Castle at her leisure. Just then, who should drop in but He-Man, who falls through the Sorceress’ portal, right on top of Catra. Catra drops her shield, and She-Ra is freed. As She-Ra swoops from the sky to attack Catra and her "ally," her sword begins to glow strangely. He-Man’s sword is affected, too, flying from his hand. The two swords cross triumphantly in mid-air, in a burst of fiery magical energy. Catra, overwhelmed by the obvious power of goodness, grabs her shield and flees. He-Man and She-Ra are left alone to puzzle over what just happened. The Sorceress emerges from a vision in the face of She-Ra’s shield, and as she joyously embraces the perplexed duo, explains about the long-ago kidnapping, and that this glad reunion re-affirms that the power of good will always triumph. She finishes by saying, "He-Man, meet your sister -- She-Ra!"

"Secret of the Sword" tells the tale much better, but for many this was their first glimpse into the world of Etheria. One of only two She-Ra minicomics to feature characters from the Masters of The Universe line (Horde Troopers appear briefly in "Where Hope Has Gone"), a link between the two lines is quickly established, then just as quickly ignored. Oh well...

Note: There are 2 different versions of this minicomic out there. The cover of the standard edition depicts a drawing of She-Ra holding her sword aloft, encircled by a spiral of magic energies. "The Story of She-Ra" is written in yellow at her feet. The alternate edition, which appeared as a special insert in the Spring 1985 issue of Barbie Magazine, accompanying a full-page Mattel ad for the upcoming Princess of Power toyline, has a painted cover, with a scene of She-Ra flying Swift Wind across the outline of an Etherian Moon. An early edition "Princess of Power" logo appears beneath them. The cover isn't the only change, though: Hordak refers to himself as "Ruthless Leader of the Renegade Horde," where the standard edition has been changed to read the "Evil Horde," as it should be. The back cover of the book, rather than advertising the toyline, features an offer for a free Princess of Power poster.

1985, Series 1.Packaged with She-Ra

The comic was also available as

  • Brazilian Portuguese monolingual version in Brazil:
        "A História de She-Ra"
  • German/Italian bilingual version in Europe:
        "Die Geschichte von She-Ra" (German)
        "La Storia di She-Ra" (Italian)

  • UK/French bilingual version in Europe:
        "The Story of She-Ra" (UK)
        "L'Histoire de She-Ra" (French)
  • Canadian English/Canadian French bilingual version in Canada:
        "The Story of She-Ra" (Canadian English)
        "L'Histoire de She-Ra" (Canadian French) 
  • Cover
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    Cover (German)Cover (Italian)Cover (UK)Cover (French)Cover (Canadian English)Cover (Canadian French)Back Cover(US)Cover (Brazilian Portuguese)back cover (Brazilian Portuguese)
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