Winter 1986
Collection: US - Princess of Power (1986-1987)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1986
Production Country: USA
Issue: 1
Language: English

Magazine No. 01
Magazine No. 01


In this initial issue of She-Ra’s magazine, the princess of power takes quill in hand, to say hello and thank you to all her friends. She welcomes our comments and suggestions for upcoming issues, and closes with, of course, "For the Honor of Grayskull!" A 2 page "Dear She-Ra" letter/fan-art page follows, as She-Ra admirers from California to New York, ranging from ages five to eleven, tell of their devotion with pictures and the written word. Subjects discussed include readers’ favorite friends of She-Ra, and how much fun it would be to live on Etheria. One writer comments what a shame it is that Catra isn’t friendlier. In "The Best of Winter" news section, a small feature promotes the upcoming TV event, "He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special."

Feature Story: "A Storm in Etheria"
Bow promises Adora and Glimmer to keep Spirit clean while walking the freshly groomed horse through the Whispering Woods. He is waylaid by Catra, who screams that Adora is in danger. By the time that Bow figures out that she’s lying (his heart is not pounding sympathetically, as it always does when Adora’s in trouble) Catra has stolen Bow’s quiver and longbow. Bow chases her, and while the tricky she-cat eludes them, both horse and rider wind up a brambled, muddy mess! Bow and Glimmer quarrel over Bow’s broken promise, and he stalks off angrily, as an approaching storm threatens on the horizon. Adora speaks with Glimmer, convincing her to go find Bow and apologize, lest this small argument jeopardize their friendship. While Adora bathes Spirit at the river, Catra makes more trouble, striking with sleeping powder taken from Bow’s quiver, leaving Adora unconscious, as the windstorm gusts perilously nearer. But while making good her escape, Catra accidentally scratches herself on Bow’s love arrow, and becomes overcome with concern for Adora. Happening across a reconciled Bow and Glimmer, Catra returns Bow’s stolen archery equipment, and alerts the two to Adora’s plight, then slips away, baffled at her own behavior. Suddenly, Bow’s pounding heart reveals that Catra was telling the truth this time! As the violent tornado whips around them, Bow and Glimmer locate Adora, and revive her with a second dose of Bow’s sleeping powder. The group runs for the safety of the Crystal Castle, but Adora deliberately falls behind, and raising her sword, becomes She-Ra! She and Swift Wind soar into the storm, and flying counter to the raging winds, disperse them. Back at the Crystal Castle, Adora and Spirit find Bow and Glimmer, working together to clean up the debris caused by the storm. They’ve realized the importance of their friendship, and each promises to be more understanding the next time something goes wrong between them. The friends set out to celebrate the passing of the two storms with an afternoon picnic.

Puzzles and Activities
Kowl explains the nature of "Lyrical Limericks," spinning A A B B A verses about Adora, Glimmer, Bow, and Catra. Glimmer tries to find her way through the "Crystal Castle Maze," to reach the terrace in time to watch the Etherian sunset with Adora. In the "Madame Razz Party Puzzle," a word search grid contains words pertaining to needs for a party at the Crystal Castle, as well as names on the guest list. A "Winged Rescue" dot-to-dot reveals a picture of Swift Wind.

Poster #1 is a scene of She-Ra, her sword raised, flying Swift Wind across a sweeping panoramic view of Etheria’s sky. The Crystal Castle emerges through the clouds in the distance. Poster #2 is a glorious group shot of the entire year one cast, against a backdrop of clouds. An interesting mix, the characters are drawn as per Filmation, but colored as per Mattel. In keeping with this synergy, the combined Crystal Castle stands in the background, featuring the golden Crystal Castle Tower (from the show) perched atop the pink Crystal Castle building (like the toy). All things to all people.

The princess of power for this issue is Kelly Michelle of Brookline, Massachusetts. In 1986, she was the youngest sports director in the country, with her own sports report broadcasts on WROR-FM, a radio station out of Boston.

Other Images
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Free gift: Poster 1Free gift: Poster 2
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