Summer 1986
Collection: US - Princess of Power (1986-1987)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1986
Production Country: USA
Issue: 3
Language: English

Magazine No. 3
Magazine No. 3


An extra large "Dear She-Ra" section (2 pages, plus an extra column on a third) kicks off the summer edition of the magazine. From Washington state to British Columbia, the well-wishes and inspired fan-art just keep coming! A 10-year-old Massachusetts girl wishes that She-Ra could come to visit her, but understandingly realizes how busy she is on Etheria. "The Best of Summer" news section features an article on Dolph Lundgren, who is busy filming "Masters of the Universe: The Motion Picture," due for release in summer of 1987! Dolph is quoted as being "very excited about this movie, it represents every actor's dream -- to be the most powerful hero in the universe." Thanks, Dolph. The article ends cryptically: "Look for a feature on the lucky actress who wins the part of She-Ra in the fall issue."

Feature Story: "The Trouble with Teasing"
While relaxing at Crystal Falls, Mermista's placid mood is broken by the interruption of Entrapta, there on an errand for Catra. Entrapta and Mermista exchange snide comments, Mermista eventually comparing Entrapta to a sheep, blindly following Catra's orders without a will of her own. This, apparently, cuts a bit too close for Entrapta, who runs tattling to Catra. Catra devises a scheme to teach Mermista some respect. Entrapta, true to form, is all too eager to follow Catra's suggestion. Later that afternoon, Mermista comes panicking to her friends Adora and Peekablue. The pool beneath Crystal Falls is being drained! Adora sends Mermista and Peekablue back to the pool to search for clues, while she searches the surrounding woods -- as She-Ra! At Crystal Falls, Mermista and Peekablue are too busy searching for the cause of the draining to notice Entrapta creeping up on them until it's too late. Held tightly in Entrapta's braids, proud Peekablue remains silent and calm, but Mermista, watching the level of the water falling ever lower, pleads with Entrapta to stop this, lest her fish friends suffer. Entrapta merely laughs, enjoying watching the mermaid squirm. Meanwhile, She-Ra has located Catra, and the powerful pump which she is using to drain Crystal Falls into another pond. She-Ra deals with Catra in a simple but clever way, by placing her on Swift Wind's back, and having him fly her away. She-Ra sets the pump into reverse, then hurries to Crystal Falls. Seeing the princess of power, and noticing the water level rising again, Entrapta realizes the jig is up, and makes a hasty retreat. Mermista calls after the departing Entrapta, apologizing for teasing her earlier, and suggests that she do her own thinking from now on. She-Ra agrees that teasing only leads to trouble, and the three friends settle back to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Puzzles and Activities
"The Drawing Board" shows how you, too, can draw picture-perfect pictures of She-Ra, Loo-Kee, and Catra, beginning with a circle, two dots, and a curved line!

Poster #4 is another scene of She-Ra, Perfuma, and Flutterina, enjoying the picturesque gardens surrounding the Crystal Castle. A petulant Catra and Entrapta linger in the foreground, looking eager to start something. The other poster in this issue is again a special project. A family album poster, with guidelines for collecting and listing genealogical information. Places for photographs, birthdays and anniversaries, and even pet information are included. In a rare cameo appearance, Eternia's King Randor and Queen Marlena appear at the poster's top, shown looking through a large book of royal family history with She-Ra (not Adora!).

The princess of power for this issue is Susie Mason of Adair, Oklahoma. The 14-year old runs her own successful business, selling home-grown vegetables from a roadside stand.

Other Images
Free gift: Poster 4Free gift: Family Album
Free gift: Poster 4Free gift: Family Album
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