Winter 1987
Collection: US - Princess of Power (1986-1987)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1987
Production Country: USA
Issue: 5
Language: English

Magazine No. 5
Magazine No. 5


A couple of "Dear She-Ra" writers try their hand at Princess of Power poetry, while an artist by the name of Amy Marie Shira graces the page with a great picture of Mermista. Miss Shira aspires to be an artist for the magazine one day. In "The Best of Winter" news section, the second airing of "He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special" is promoted.

Feature Story: "Catra's Big Surprise"
Adora should never have let Spinnerella prepare the invitations for the annual Winter Woodland Festival, a Christmas-like celebration for all the people (and animals) of the Whispering Woods. The dizzy gal has been preoccupied trying to discover for whom the large, mystery present prepared by Adora is intended to tend to her duties properly, and a few names have been left off the list! Of course, Catra (who herself was not invited, either) is not one to let an innocent mistake like this go unchallenged, so she slyly goads the neglected creatures, the ants and the bees, into crashing the joyous festivities. While the bees swarm, panicking and dispersing the partygoers, the ants carry off every scrap of food. In the confusion, a distraught Adora sees Catra creep in and steal all the presents, carrying them off on Storm. As the rebels and the remaining forest creatures manage to salvage the celebration, an embarressed Spinnerella realizes her mistake, and Adora leaves with Spirit, to straighten things out with Queen Ant and Queen Bee. This is a task for She-Ra, and soon, the princess of power is pleading Adora's case before the hurt and angry insect monarchs. Spinnerella, determined to make right her error, vows to get the presents back from Catra. Her friend Netossa joins her, and soon the two are hot on Catra's trail. They discover her in a distant part of the woods, overcome with cat-like curiosity, about to tear into the large mystery present. Spinnerella creates a diversion, surrounding Catra with a furious whirlwind, while Netossa slips in and quickly bags all the gifts, save the surprise package, in her netted cape. She-Ra arrives, having made peace with the bees and the ants, and apologizes to Catra for her having been not invited to the festival, but comments that others should be given a chance to correct their mistakes. Catra is ashamed of her actions -- mainly because the mystery gift was for her, and everyone at the party would have been so jealous of her beautiful present, a bridle for Storm, decorated with sparkling cats-eye marbles. She'll never learn.

Puzzles and Activities
"Madame Razz Riddles" presents rhyming verses written by Razz about her friends (and adversaries). By crossing out the appropriate letters from a jumbled line beneath each verse, you can tell if you've correctly guessed who each one is about. "Come to Crystal Castle" is a 2-page board game. Using buttons for tokens and flipping a coin to determine how many spaces to move, players must maneuver from the Whispering Woods, past Crystal Falls, through the Kingdom of Snows, and on to the Crystal Castle. But beware! Catra and Entrapta lurk at inopportune places along the path. A "Magical Mix-Up" has scrambled pieces of a picture of an Etherian friend. By copying the misplaced parts in the grid, the identity of the mystery character is revealed! And a "Frosta Fun" puzzle rounds things out, a crossword with a winter theme.

No poster in this issue, although the She-Ra/Netossa cover makes up for it slightly. The only removeable centerfold item this time is a sheet of Princess of Power Holiday Gift Wrap, featuring repeating images of She-Ra, Bow, Glimmer, Catra, Mermista, and Flutterina.

The princess of power for this issue is Jordana Allen, an 11-year-old ballet star, who has danced the lead in the New York City Ballet's "Nutcracker" production two years running!

Other Images
Free gift: Grift wrap
Free gift: Grift wrap
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