Winter 1985
Collection: US - Masters of the Universe (1985-1988)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1985
Production Country: USA
Issue: 1
Language: English

Magazine No. 1
Magazine No. 1


A letter from He-Man welcomes the friends of Eternia's champion to his first big issue! Included is an invitation to take part in the magic of Eternia, by writing in, with comments and art, or just letters. "The He-Man Mailbox" starts out on a roll, with 2 full pages of letters and vivid, original fan-art. He-Man and Teela 20¢ stamps are featured, cancelled by an Orko postmark. One writer fantasizes about riding a Road Ripper to school, while a female fan named Stephanie writes a teeny-bopperish missive to He-Man, telling him that he's "cute." "Orko's Earth Report" includes the he-man of the issue (below), and also a small "celebrity" article on Joey Lawrence, who lists He-Man and The Masters of The Universe among his favorite things.

Feature Story: "Maddening of the Monstones"
Skeletor produces a serious threat to the defenses of Castle Grayskull, and inadvertantly, to all Eternia in this vividly colored storybook adventure! With a wave of his Havoc Staff, the lord of destruction invokes a mighty army of rock giants called Monstones, and unleashes them on the gates of Grayskull!! The force of their blows, as they hurl themselves at the fortress of power, causes massive earthquakes, which can be felt as far away as the royal palace, on the far side of Eternia. Speeding to the scene of the disruption in a Road Ripper, He-Man is waylaid by several Monstones bursting from the ground beneath him. Battling his way through a seemingly endless supply of Monstones, He-Man eventually reaches Grayskull, and a waiting Skeletor. Skeletor energizes still more Monstones, but even these rocky horrors are finally felled by the Sword of Power, reduced to gravel, which He-Man forms into a cage for an enraged Skeletor. Back at the palace, He-Man is commended by his king, for having endured against such odds. He-Man admits that it was a rocky road, but that anything worth doing is worth the hard work.

Feature Story: "Danger in the Sky"
In this 2-page text story, He-Man rescues a captured Fisto from being carried away in Skeletor's energy net, dangling high in the sky. As He-Man cuts the net open, a confronted Skeletor and his vehicle disappear, leaving the heroes to plummet to their doom. But thinking quickly, He-Man converts the energy net into a parachute, and the two drift to safety.

Puzzles and Activities
"Amazing He-Man" stands in the center of a circular maze, which he must circumvent, while also avoiding Evil-Lyn, Webstor, Kobra Khan, Clawful, and Whiplash. A half-page "Shadow Mystery" has Battle Cat at his wit's end! He can see the shadow of an object before him, but not the object itself! Only by connecting the dots will the mystery be solved. The other half of the page contains "Extra Evil," a jumble-like puzzle. By filling in missing letters in the names of 4 evil warriors, then unscrambling those letters, you get the name of a fifth bad guy. "Hiding Seekers" has He-Man searching a lushly wooded glen near Castle Grayskull. You can hardly tell, but 6 evil warriors are concealed within the scene, ready to strike! Now you too, can see through solid objects, just like Tri-Klops! A "Trick Vision" featurette demonstrates how, with a tube of paper, you can see right through a hole in your hand. And finally, a "Planetary Puzzler" crossword kind of cheats, using pieces of words to fill in the grid (ex: 3-Down Castle Gr_ys_ull). Huh?

Posters (#1-3)
Poster #1 is a full-length version of the glorious cover art by Earl Norem. He-Man, aglow with power, holds his Power Sword aloft before Castle Grayskull, as Zoar circles overhead. Poster #2 is an intense action scene, as He-Man rides Stridor, Fisto smashes through a stone wall, and Buzz-Off carries his stinger lance, all challenging an attack by Whiplash, Webstor, and Clawful. Incredible Earl Norem artwork! Poster #3 is an interesting concept: a schematic blueprint for a Dragon Walker! Man-At-Arms' "Heroic Warrior Carrier" is shown from front, back, top, and side angles, and its many special features are listed.

The first he-man of the issue is David Vaught, who saved his 4-year old brother's life, rescuing him from a threatening cougar, while hiking in Texas' Big Bend National Park.

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