Spring 1985
Collection: US - Masters of the Universe (1985-1988)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1985
Production Country: USA
Issue: 2
Language: English

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Free gift: Poster 5
Free gift: Poster 5


"The He-Man Mailbox" finds several fans writing with encouragement to He-Man in his struggles against Skeletor. Others even offer to come to Eternia to help! One Oklahoma boy anticipate's this issue's "Create A Character" feature, by sending his idea for Color-Man (no picture), a color-changing master of camouflage.

Feature Story: "Assault on Castle Grayskull"
As this luridly-colored storybook adventure opens, the pieces of Skeletor's latest scheme are falling into place, as one by one, He-Man's heroic allies fall captive to Skeletor's various henchmen. Soon, only Fisto, Orko, Man-E-Faces, and He-Man himself remain at large, but He-Man has a plan to free his friends. In his monster disguise, Man-E-Faces presents himself to sentry guard Tri-Klops as Skeletor's new minion, "Eeyuck" (how did they come up with that name?), then clocks him and frees his friends, breaking through the stone walls of their cell with one mighty punch! The freed heroes converge on Castle Grayskull, where Skeletor has assembled his army against a greatly outnumbered He-Man. While He-Man and Skeletor grapple, Skeletor's troops, seeing their prisoners freed, flee in retreat. Now Skeletor is outnumbered, and he disappears with a snarl. There is safety in numbers, He-Man decides, and admits that only through teamwork was Eternia saved.

Feature Story: "The Duke of Lorin"
King Randor's old friend Duke Taboc, of the forested region of Lorin, has been cast out of his realm by Two Bad, commanding an army of demons! This beautifully decorated text story finds He-Man on a mission to overthrow Two Bad, and reinstate Taboc to his throne. He-Man's surprisingly subtle scheme involves Orko going undercover in disguise as court jester to Two Bad, and then, gaining the creature's confidence, leading him and his demon army into an ambush in the woods. A concealed Moss Man grabs Two Bad, while He-Man captures the pack of demons within an energy field created by his Sword, then scatters them into the dense forest. Duke Taboc then steps forward, and challenges Two Bad to a sword duel, for the right to rule Lorin. A cowardly Two Bad runs away, afraid of a fair fight. There is much celebration in Lorin, as He-Man and his friends are honored guests of the duke, before heading back to the Palace to inform the king of the success of their mission.

Puzzles and Activities
"Floating Visions" details the strange images witnessed by Orko in a dream, of his Eternian friends trying to float as he does. By tilting the page and closing one eye, you can see what Orko saw. "Create A Character" is a challenge to readers, to bring to life a new ally (or enemy!) for He-Man and his friends! A blank outline of a figure is provided, along with many arms, legs, heads, and torsos, to inspire prospective "character creators". The "He-Man Mailbox" will include many pictures of fans' wild and marvelous submissions in upcoming issues! "What's Wrong with These Warriors?" depicts a large battle scene, painted by Palace Eternia's new, slightly addled, royal artist. There are several mistakes which must be found in the picture, including Skeletor wearing ice skates, Orko having feet, Man-At-Arms swinging a bathroom plunger, Evil-Lyn wielding a giant light bulb, and Kobra Khan having a blond afro! A "Roboto Word Search" features hidden words which, calculated by Roboto's computer brain, are necessary for He-Man to successfully combat Skeletor. The inside back cover is a full-page ad for "The Secret of the Sword," the early version with Orko (who did not even appear in the movie!), Beast Man, Mer-Man, and Tri-Klops. He-Man and She-Ra are posed slightly differently here than they are in the later, revised ad, where Orko has been removed, and Skeletor's crew have been replaced by members of the Evil Horde.

Posters (#4 & 5)
Poster #4 is an enlarged view of the issue's fabulous cover. A menacing Skeletor, riding Spydor, threatens He-Man. What is not obvious in the cover shot, however, is that Moss Man, lurking in the underbrush, has been cropped out of the picture. Poster #5 is a solo portrait of Roboto, holding his own with a blaze of laser fire, against an aerial attack by Skeletor and Beast Man, and a fleet of flying Rotons.

Kurt Ehrler of Joseph, Oregon, is the spring he-man of the issue. Kurt risked his life to rescue a baby deer who had fallen through the ice on a frozen Wallowa Lake.

Magazine No. 2
Magazine No. 2
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Free gift: Poster 4
Free gift: Poster 4
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