Spring 1986
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Collection: US - Masters of the Universe (1985-1988)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1986
Production Country: USA
Issue: 6
Language: English

Alternative Cover
Alternative Cover


Words of advice and encouragement for Eternia's champion fill this issue's "He-Man Mailbox." Whiplash and Two Bad stamps, corrected from last issue's "Postage Puzzler," are featured, as well as great fan artwork of Mer-Man, Orko, Leech, Two Bad, and a group shot of He-Man, Skeletor and Hordak. "Bubbleman," a floating, bouncing warrior, is an interesting-sounding character creation from siblings in Virginia.

Feature Story: "The Comet Warriors Have Landed!"
Yet another telling of the arrival of Stonedar and Rokkon (at least the fifth by my counting) finds the Comet Warriors landing on Eternia, and befriending He-Man, who, along with Teela and Sy-Klone, find them a new home in a peaceful valley. The story then kicks into high-gear, as Skeletor plots to wash away the Rock Men's valley by re-routing a river through it with the Land Shark (apparently for no reason in particular). He-Man, using the Bashasaurus and his spinning Flying Fists Mace, creates an emergency dam and saves the valley. Skeletor then makes it personal, holding He-Man prisoner with a tractor beam device developed by Kobra Khan and Two Bad. Rokkon blasts to the rescue, but He-Man doesn't exactly need rescuing, and makes short work of the contraption, and its creators. Outclassed, Skeletor makes a run for it, his lackeys close behind. As they speed out of the valley in the Land Shark, He-Man offers a warning, but Skeletor arrogantly defies warning, driving the Land Shark straight into the lake formed by He-Man's dam.

Puzzles and Activities
"The Lake of Mystery" is a very strange pool on Eternia. For some reason, things that reflect on the lake's mirror-like surface look different from the original. In this interesting 2-page Norem painting, a battle rages on the banks of the lake, and some of the "find the differences" reflections have to be seen to be believed! A "Power Puzzles" super feature packs 'em in, cramming a "Save Mantenna" dot-to-dot, a "Secret Warrior" jumble, a "Vehicle Word Search," and a Reach Castle Grayskull "Masters Maze", into the space of less than 2 pages! "The Sketch Pad" makes its vaunted return, this time as a 2-page feature, revealing the techniques to drawing the faces of Grizzlor, Mantenna, Modulok and Leech, as well as a full-figure view of He-Man. And "King Randor Radar" allows you to chart the location of the Comet Warriors landing site, by carefully marking their progress across the sky on an elaborate grid. The path of these comets forms an interesting pattern.

Poster #12 is once again a cover shot. As Buzz-Off falls victim to the Horde Slime Pit, He-Man, riding Battle Cat and wielding his Flying Fists Weapons, rushes to the rescue! Poster #13 is a dynamic Norem action scene, depicting He-Man piloting a Laser Bolt, rushing to challenge Skeletor in his Land Shark

Congratulations to the he-man of the issue, 11-year-old Nathan Bitner of Napierville, Illinois! Nathan is the grand prize winner of Mattel's nationwide Masters of the Universe "Create A Character" contest! His creation, Fearless Photog, received over 40,000 phone-in votes over a one-week period, and will (allegedly) be added to the Masters of the Universe toyline (however, as we all know, this never happened). Congratulations also go out to the four other "Create A Character" finalists, Ricky Ardmore (Eye Beam), Josette d'Ambrosi (Netta), John Rowe (Compactor), and Ricky Stafford (Brainwave).

Magazine No. 6
Magazine No. 6
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Free gift: Poster 13Fearless PhotogFree gift: Poster 12
Free gift: Poster 13Fearless PhotogFree gift: Poster 12
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