Summer 1986
Collection: US - Masters of the Universe (1985-1988)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1986
Production Country: USA
Issue: 7
Language: English

Magazine No. 7
Magazine No. 7


"The He-Man Mailbox" is just 1 page this issue, but features fan-art of Sy-Klone holding his own against Stinkor and Dragon Blaster Skeletor, A MOTU picture frame, and "Create A Character" ZigZag, Heroic Master of Explosion. A sneak preview announcement of the upcoming "Most Powerful Movie in the Universe" takes the place of the second letter's page. "Masters of The Universe: The Motion Picture" is shamelessly hyped, and behind-the-scenes updates in the next 3 issues of He-Man Magazine are promised (however, the next 2 issues will feature nothing on the film). Pictures and a brief biography of Dolph Lundgren are featured, as well as a contest to win a role in the film! "Imagine yourself on the big screen with He-Man and She-Ra," the ad begins... The book section of "Orko's Earth Report" makes mention of "Down on the Funny Farm," a storybook written by P.E. King, who penned "The Pool of Beauty" and "Trickery Abloom" for She-Ra: Princess of Power Magazine.

Feature Story: "The Armies of King Hiss"
Prince Adam and Sy-Klone have picked a rotten time to decide which is faster, Sy-Klone or Adam's Jet Sled. On a race back to the palace, Adam takes a shortcut through the forest, where King Hiss is demonstratiing his influence over all snakes to his new ally, Skeletor. Quickly captured by a coiling cobra, Adam is lashed to a tree and left as bait for He-Man. Once Skeletor, Hiss and his snake minions are out of sight, Adam effortlessly raises his sword, and charges after the villains as He-Man. Skeletor first tries to bowl our hero over, by having Spydor hurl boulders at him, but He-Man uproots a tree and uses the rocks for batting practice! King Hiss then makes a play, using sorcery to transform the tree in He-Man's hands into an enormous serpent! By placing a Power Sword-generated force field around the snake, He-Man breaks the spell. Hiss then summons forth thousands of his serpent servants, and He-Man is powerless against the massive swarm of snakes, unwilling to harm innocent creatures in Hiss' thrall (?). But just then, a strong wind begins to blow, and a Sy-Klone-generated whirlwind carries the snakes miles away. He-Man is glad for his friend's timely aid, but not so King Hiss. In his rage, Hiss reveals his hideous true form, and calls upon his Snake Men warriors to attack. He-Man bowls them over with a nearby boulder, sending the evil warriors scattering like tenpins. Back at the palace, Sy-Klone explains to Prince Adam why he lost their race. Adam remarks that taking the time to help others makes Sy-Klone the real winner.

Puzzles and Activities
"Create A Vehicle" is a natural extension of the "Create A Character" phenomenon, presenting the challenge to develop new modes of transport for He-Man and his friends and foes. The Blaster Hawk is presented as an example, along with three dynamic un-made vehicle designs: the flying Horde Bat Pak, the heroic frog-shaped wall-climbing Up-Scaler, and the Rattle Trap, a slithering Snake Men contraption. "Power Puzzles" again piles it on, with a "Color Code" mystery mosaic, a "Masters Match" who-lives-where line drawing puzzle, an Eternia "Word Wizardry" challenge, and a "Magical Maze," the correct path of which reveals an outline surprise! A full-page "Sword Search" is a view of King Randor and Queen Marlena's throne room. Hidden in the scene are no less than 17 copies of He-Man's Power Sword, and He-Man has to find them all. "Mystery Meteorbs" presents six rhyming riddles, describing some of the good and evil comet creatures. By crossing out the appropriate letters in a jumble below each riddle, you can tell if you've guessed the correct Meteorb's identity. Form a Masters of the Universe "Summer Power Club" in your neighborhood! Suggestions are included for planning meetings, deciding on a club name ("The Guardians of Grayskull" is one suggestion, which is basically the official name of the fans), and adopting the name of your favorite MOTU character (role-playing?). Secret knocks, passwords and handshakes and codes are all part of the fun. Acting out He-Man adventures and playing "Create A Character" are among ideas for club activities.

Poster #14 finds Earl Norem trying his hand at depicting the Snake Men, and doing an excellent job! He-Man challenges the revealed evil of King Hiss and his minions at Snake Mountain, in this poster-sized copy of the issue's cover. Poster #15 features all 10 of the Meteorbs locked in a frenzied battle, as He-Man rallies Cometroid and crew to victory. More great Norem art!

Akron, Ohio's Jason Isroff is our he-man of the issue this time. A champion fund-raiser for the National MS Society Readathon, Jason raised more than $2000 in pledges and donations in 1986, and read 30 books! Jason's Masters of the Universe collection is also mentioned.

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Free gift: Poster 14Free gift: Poster 15
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