Spring 1987
Collection: US - Masters of the Universe (1985-1988)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1987
Production Country: USA
Issue: 10
Language: English

Magazine No. 10
Magazine No. 10



"The He-Man Mailbox" has some real treats this edition. A fan-artist's rendering of the Horde, lovingly adapted from cardback pictures, a dazzling depiction of He-Man's transformation, and a garishly realistic drawing of Jitsu trapped in the Slime Pit! She-Ra is mentioned in 1 letter as "awesome" (see next issue for a Princess of Power announcement), and another writer mentions how he and his dad do the magazine's "Power Puzzles" together, and how the walls in his room are running out of space, owing to He-Man's incredible posters.

Feature Story: "Journey to Preternia!"
This comic story is nothing if not ambitious. While doing battle outside Castle Grayskull during a thunderstorm, lightning strikes He-Man's Sword and Skeletor's Staff as they cross. A violent explosion blasts He-Man and Skeletor through a swirling portal, dropping them from the sky into a bizarre otherworldly realm. He-Man ends up mired in a pit of living quicksand, while Skeletor falls elsewhere in this strange world. Pulling himself out of the sludge by the branch of a metallic tree, He-Man is soon called upon to rescue a talking, winged dinosaur, also trapped in the creepy ooze. The grateful Turbodactyl informs He-Man that this amazing place is called Preternia. Turning around, He-Man sees a shining steel citadel. It's a brand new Castle Grayskull! An amazed He-Man realizes that he and Skeletor have travelled through time, to Eternia's distant, prehistoric past! Just then, who should show up but the lord of destruction, who himself has made a pack of new friends. Skeletor commands three vicious Tyrantisaurus Rexes, and He-Man is their latest prey. But then a friendly Bionatops comes to He-Man's aid. He-Man mounts up, and the battle is on! After a couple of glancing blows, Skeletor unleashes Rex's Dyna-Drone, sending Bionatops sprawling. He-Man takes matters into His own hands, and takes out two Rexes by throwing one on top of the other! Skeletor makes a tactical retreat, but Turbodactyl jets He-Man after him. Turbo's talons snatch Skeletor from the back of his fleeing Rex, then He-Man directs their flight back to the time portal. He-Man momentarily considers leaving Skeletor behind, but quickly realizes what evil he could bring to Eternia's past. He-Man and Skeletor again plummet through the time portal, returning to modern-day Eternia. Skeletor skulks off to plot anew, and He-Man is left to ponder this strange adventure, and what this trip to the past might mean to his future.

Puzzles and Activities
"Power Puzzles" only has room for 2 activities on 1 page this time, a "Color Code" mosaic of a mystery menace, and a "Castle Crossword" with the word "Grayskull" running down through the lined-up "across" answers grid. And a "Monster Maze" challenges He-Man to choose the correct path to cross a treacherous swamp to meet Bionatops, waiting on the other side to take him to the time portal to Preternia. A full-page "Masters of the Universe Movie" article finally presents some stills from the forthcoming live-action feature film. Shown are shots of He-Man (Dolph Lundgren), Teela (Chelsea Field), Evil-Lyn (Meg Foster), He-Man with Man-At-Arms (Jon Cypher), and Teela with Detective Lubic (James Tolkan). Still no sign of Skeletor, though (wait till next issue). Plus, a full-page article profiles Richard Szponder, who won the role as "Pigboy" in the Masters of the Universe movie in the issue #6 contest, and follows the Lockport, Illinois third-grader around the set, for pictures with props and members of the film's crew. Some people have had some difficulty finding Richard in the final cut. Well, watch as Skeletor returns to Castle Grayskull in triumph, bringing He-Man with him. Skeletor walks up the stairs to the throne. As he walks past the screen, the camera will focus for a moment on a short, 'pig-faced' character. That's Richard.

Poster #18 is another beautiful Norem epic, featuring the terrific Masters of the Universe Power Gear in action! Skeletor lays seige to Castle Grayskull, ascending the building's face with the aid of Cliff Climber Power Gear. He-Man challenges Skeletor atop the castle, while Man-At-Arms, suspended in mid-air via Tower Tools technology, aims to swat Webstor, climbing out of Grayskull's moat in Scubattack Power Gear.

K.K. Karanja, at 13 America's youngest chess expert with the worst initials, is our he-man of the issue this time. He has been playing chess since he was 7, and recently received the prestigious Aspis Award trophy. K.K. has even gone on tour, presenting lectures on chess strategy!

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Free gift: Poster 18
Free gift: Poster 18
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