Spring 1988
Collection: US - Masters of the Universe (1985-1988)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1988
Production Country: USA
Issue: 14
Language: English

Magazine No. 14
Magazine No. 14


The "He-Man Mailbox" is no more! The new co-ed letters page, chock full of great fan art, and letters from He-Man and She-Ra fans from Arizona to Ontario, is now called "Powermail!" Two new "Create A Character" creatures are featured: a heroic bovine behemoth called Bullwhip, with a lashing whip in the place of his right arm, and Notar, a heroic ninja with an arsenal of interesting weapons, including a combination samurai sword/triple-barrelled blast pistol.

Feature Story: "To Save a World"
As it opens, Eternia is under siege by a violent cosmic storm, the destructive powers of which have never before been seen. The black skies are ablaze with constant barrages of fierce lightning, and as the storm rages about them, He-Man, Extendar, Snout Spout, and Clamp Champ do their best to stave off the rising flood waters creeping up on the evacuated palace. But even their mighty efforts are for naught, as a massive tidal wave arises, and effortlessly destroys the centuries-old structure!! The palace is washed away, and a stunned He-Man leads his allies through the wreckage. Together, they head to Castle Grayskull, hopeful that the Sorceress can provide insight as to what is causing this unheard-of devastation. Using his heightened senses, Clamp Champ leads his friends through the firestorm of lightning, across the shattered, crumbling landscape to Grayskull, but what the heroic warriors discover there is more disheartening still: Castle Grayskull is all that remains, a tiny chunk of rock lingering above the all-but-vanished Evergreen Forest, barely held together by the faltering power of the Sorceress. The cause of this disturbance, the Sorceress tells the distraught heroes, is the proximity of an evil, negative star to Eternia's sun. This dark celestial body crossed Eternia's path 10,000 years ago, and caused untold destruction then, but this is far worse than anything that happened back then, far more evil! He-Man suspect's Skeletor's involvement, and the heroic four head for Snake Mountain, dodging erupting lava geysers and mountains of tumbling rock, and crossing gaping chasms bridged by Extendar's telescoping spine. On their way, they pass the Eternian Towers, and watch in horror as they twist and collapse, and are eventually swallowed back into the ground! He-Man vows to stop Skeletor's evil, if it is still possible to do so. Reaching Snake Mountain, they find it surrounded by fire. Snout Spout leads the heroes through the blaze, only to find Skeletor's stronghold in ruins, broken and toppling. Would Skeletor do this to his own lair? Extricating a trapped Ninjor from the wreckage, the heroes learn from the panicked warrior that the source of the disturbance is indeed Skeletor. He's gone mad! Ninjor begs He-Man to stop him, if he can! The heroes are lead by a blinding aura of crackling energy to a nearby hill. Alone, He-Man battles through the shining, evil glow, to find Skeletor at the eye of the storm, trying furiously to shut down his tremendous energy amplifier, designed to boost the power of the evil star. It's energies are beyond control, and the only thing that can stop the destruction now is to short circuit the monstrous energy device. In a final desperate bid, He-Man and Skeletor touch Power Sword to Havoc Staff, and the resulting explosion of blinding white light engulfs the scene! When the light passes, Clamp Champ, Extendar and Snout Spout look around them, to find that everything is back to normal! In a sweeping scene, we see Snake Mountain, the Towers, Castle Grayskull, and Palace Eternia, all restored and whole once more. It's as though the storm had never happened! Skeletor's energy weapon has vanished, as if it never existed! And Skeletor is gone, too, along with He-Man! Both Eternia's mightiest champion, and its greatest evil, have disappeared without a trace! What could have happened to them? Where could they be?! To be continued, in the next issue of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Magazine...

Feature Story II: She-Ra in "Spring Vacation"
Following the rough winter cooped up at the rebel's mountain base, avoiding Horde troopers and prowling packs of Fright Zone wolves, Adora and Spirit are eager to get out for a little fresh air. Urged by Castaspella and Bow, they pay a visit to their friends Thomas and Marta, who live in Skee village (get it?), and decide to stay for the week-long Spring Festival. Thomas and Marta's 10-year-old daughter, Maia, becomes fast friends with Adora during her stay, accompanying her to the storytellings and evening bonfires, but eventually Adora has to get back to the mountain base. The Horde will be taking advantage of the improved weather as well, and will be seeking the hidden rebel outpost. Maia was not on-hand when Adora said her good-byes, for she had gone into the woods to pick flowers for her friend. On the way back to Rebel Mountain, She-Ra and Swift Wind vigilantly patrol for signs of Horde trouble, but find trouble of a different kind: they come upon Maia in the woods, lost and cornered by a pair of vicious Fright Zone wolves. She-Ra makes short work of this threat, binding the wolves with stout vines, and comforts the terrified Maia, and prepares to return her home. Just then a signal from Bow's flare arrow alerts She-Ra to danger at the rebel base. Maia is along for the ride, as She-Ra sights Catra leading a squad of Horde troopers up the mountain, towards the outpost. She-Ra and Maia join the others at the base, and Maia wishes that the Horde would slip and fall back down the mountain. Inspired by Maia's off-hand remark, She-Ra has Castaspella whip up a little rainstorm with her powers of sorcery. Hidden by fog, She-Ra puts her plan into motion: she sends Bow down the mountain, to act as a decoy, leading Catra and her troops towards steep Lookout Rock. Meanwhile, She-Ra and Maia busily pull up roots and loosen rocks higher up the mountain, preparing for their evil visitors. When Bow arrives at the site, with Catra hot on his trail, She-Ra gives a mighty stomp of her foot, and the Horde battallion simply falls away in a small landslide, ending up in a battered, muddy mess at the foot of Rebel Mountain. The path up the mountain is completely blocked by the slide, and Catra is foiled again. Maia is declared a heroine by the rebels for her inspired idea, and She-Ra escorts her friend back home to her parents, to explain her absence.

Puzzles and Activities
"Power Puzzles" presents a "Dynamic Duel" -- a digitized photograph of ... something! If you hold the page just so, and squint the right way, it turns out to be a picture of the movie's He-Man and Blade, locked in combat. The other 2 "Power Puzzles" pages have nothing to do with He-Man! One is a line-drawing "Treasure Map" search, and the other is called "Double Trouble" (no, not the character), showing pictures of fanciful creatures (a dog with the head of a bull (bulldog), a stick of flying butter (butterfly), a bird in a bathtub (birdbath), you get the idea), and challenging us to guess what word they illustrate.

Poster # 21 is a large fold-out of the issue's cover, Skeletor and He-Man tumbling through an asteroid field, locked eternally in battle. This was the last "He-Man" poster to actually fold out, the remaining 2 issues would include a centerfold poster with 1 gatefold extension. Like the He-Man posters, the writing is on the wall.

Other Images
Free gift: Poster 21
Free gift: Poster 21
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