Issue 4 - 1986
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: May
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 4
Language: English

Issue 4 - 1986
Issue 4 - 1986


Orko the Magician
This issue's comedy strip features Orko going a bit too far when trying to help King Randor lose weight.

Feature Story 1: "Raiders From the Sky"
Hordak and Leech absorb the power of the Cat-Nik people, in their small village. He forces the Cat-Niks to work for him, and they build him a new flying fortress. He advances it on Grayskull, which is being guarded by He-Man, Mekaneck and Sy-Klone- but they can not fire at Hordak, as they would risk hitting the Cat-Niks. A mighty air struggle follows, and the three heroic warriors combine their powers to fend off Hordak and free the Cat-Niks. The Cat-Niks return to their village and use the solar power fortress they built for Hordak as their new power source.

He, He-Man
A collection of non-He-Man related jokes.

Feature Story 2: "Mountains From Space"
Evil-Lyn detects a shower of meteors falling through space, and Skeletor uses his magic to divert them so they head towards Eternia. He creates a mystic shelter to shield Snake Mountain from the meteors, but the Royal City and Grayskull will be destroyed. But Zodac warns the Sorceress of a danger threatening Eternia from sace, so the Sorceress calls He-Man to her aid, and he journeys, with Roboto and Buzz-Off, to another world to observe the threat from there. Buzz-Off spots the shower of meteors heading for Eternia, so they journey back and tell the Sorceress, who reveals that she has done her own investigation and found that Skeletor is behind the shower of meteors, and has shielded Snake Mountain. The warriors journey there, but are unable to break through the barrier, so Buzz-Off flies back to the city to get more warriors. More warriors arrive to help, but get no closer to breaking through. But things suddenly turn their way when Skeletor and his warriors emerge from Snake Mountain and destroy the barrier, mistakenly believing the meteor shower is over- they mistook the blasts from the heroic warriors for the falling meteors! Realising that the meteors have not yet fallen, and that they are now doomed without the barrier, Skeletor cancels the spell and retreats angrily.

Feature Story 3: "The Carpet of Chaos"
It is Cringer's birthday, but at his party, a spell by Orko accidentally reveals a plot by Skeletor, who has found the location of the powerful carpet of chaos. Adam and Cringer become He-Man and Battle Cat, and together with Moss Man, they set off to beat Skeletor to the carpet. After a perilous journey to the well where the carpet lies, Orko uses his magic to defeat Skeletor, tricking him into draining the carpet's power.

(Three very original stories, and the first appearance of the Cat-Niks, who would appear in many further issues of the comic series. But... "carpet of chaos?")

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