Issue 5 - 1986
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: May
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 5
Language: English

Issue 5 - 1986
Issue 5 - 1986



Feature Story 1: "Hordak's Assault"
Hordak develops an anti-gravity device, which he intends to use to levitate a mountain which he will drop upon Grayskull. But first he must find a way to lift the mountain from the ground. Meanwhile, Zodac warns He-Man of an approaching threat to Grayskull. He-Man tells the Sorceress, but just then the castle is attacked by Hordak's troopers. Roboto and the Sorceress deal with the troopers, while He-Man and Fisto follow Hordak, who tricks He-Man into firing at the mountain, which breaks away from the ground and starts to float towards Grayskull. Fisto manages to bring the mountain down, but the Horde force him and He-Man beneath the mountain, so they will be crushed. But they underestimated He-Man's strength- he lifts the mountain, and throws it onto Hordak's trooper generator, reducing the troopers to mere junk. Hordak flees, his scheme having failed.

Master Mail
The first letters page in the magazine. A Zodac-like character called Scrollos answers the questions, and in one answer he hints that He-Man is related to one of the evil warriors! Could this be Skeletor/Keldor? It is 1986, after all!

Feature Story 2: "It's a Small World"
A scientist called Jodder, who lives in the howling forest, develops a formula which can shrink any living creatue. But an ape steals the potion, and takes it to his master, Beast Man, who delivers it to Skeletor. Skeletor decides to use it to shrink He-Man. He-Man is currently at Jodder's cottage to help him find the shrinking serum, but Skeletor breaks in and shrinks He-Man. But He-Man grips onto Skeletor's belt and is taken back to Snake Mountain with him- but Skeletor sees him, and imprisons him in a sand timer where he will be smothered by the sand. He then journeys towards Grayskull in the Land Shark, with the imprisoned He-Man beside him. But the shrinking effects are not permanent, and He-Man quickly returns to normal size, drops the serum over a cliff, and beats up Skeletor.

Feature Story 3: "Glove of Globolah"
A team of archaeologists discovers the Glove of Globalah, a mystical metal glove with power to rival Grayskull. But it is stolen by Mantenna, who takes it to Hordak. But Mantenna leaves the book of spells behind, which is required to unlock the glove's power, so Hordak has to journey back to the dig to find it. He manages to steal it, and captures two scientists from the dig, who he forces to reveal how the spells work. But when Hordak uses the glove to attack He-Man, all the spells go wrong, and he assumes the glove is useless and throws it away. But He-Man catches it, and reveals that the book Hordak stole was in fact a false one which the heroic warriors conjured up, with all the spells in reverse order. He-Man uses the glove to teleport Hordak away, then commands it to go to Grayskull.

(The character Jodder would go on to be referred to in many other stories, as there were many more stories that dealt with size, that all stemmed from his original potion in this issue.)

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