Issue 6 - 1986
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: June
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 6
Language: English

Issue 6 - 1986
Issue 6 - 1986



Orko the Magician
This issue's strip features Orko searching for a book on magic in the library.

Feature Story 1: "Mind Stone"
A meteor falls on Eternia, and is discovered by the Evoks, who find that it is a magical stone, and carbe a statue from it. But Skeletor is spying on them, and sends Whiplash and Spikor to get the statue. They discover that it gives its holder the power to project their minds. Whiplash and Spikor are about to mess everything up, so Skeletor goes there himself, just as He-Man and Battle Cat arrive on the scene. Skeletor takes the statue and projects his mind into Battle Cat's body, and Battle Cat attacks He-Man- but He-Man knocks Battle Cat onto Skeletor, so he drops the statue and Battle Cat is free. But then Spikor and Whiplash attack He-Man, and they keep him occupied while Skeletor takes the statue, leaving a fake one in its place. Skeletor then pretends to retreat, leaving He-Man to think he has failed to get the statue- but the Evoks can tell the difference between the fake statue and the real one, and He-Man realises that all could be lost. (Story continues in "Machine Wars")

Master Mail
This issue's letters page contains a question about She-Ra, and Scrollos hints that there is a new She-Ra comic coming up. (Many fans were disappointed when a She-Ra comic finally did come up, as they were terrible)

Feature Story 2: "Machine Wars" (Cont'd from "Mind Stone")
It is King Randor's birthday and He-Man and Man-At-Arms are giving a demonstration of the heroic vehicles to entertain the citizens. Skeletor, in hiding, uses the Evoks' statue to project his mind into the vehicles, which attack the heroic warriors. But as He-Man knocks a Wind raider towards Skeletor, he drops the statue, which is crushed by the raider. He and his warriors attempt to attack the heroic warriors in their own machines, but they are beaten and flee in the Land Shark.

Feature Story 3: "Pact of Evil"
Skeletor suggests to Hordak that they team up, to overcome He-Man by combining their power. They set a monster-droid on He-Man as he passes through a marsh, and set the demon to explode, causing He-Man to fall unconscious. They drag him to the Fright Zone, where they intend to use a teleport bomb to transport He-Man to another world. But as He-Man is imprisoned, they start fighting with each other over who is more fit to destroy He-Man, and He-Man breaks free and destroys the teleport bomb, then runs, leaving them to fight among themselves.

(The first two stories are very memorable. The Evoks (hmmm, wonder where that name came from) would appear in several later issues. The last story contains a flashback to the day that Skeletor betrayed Hordak, and stranded him on a lifeless moon.)

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