Issue 8 - 1986
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: July
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 8
Language: English

Issue 8 - 1986
Issue 8 - 1986


Feature Story 1: "Riddle of the Sanns"
Skeletor summons a demon called Kallu, a lost magician who once tried to destroy Eternia, but failed. He says that now he has returned, he will destroy Eternia as he meant to all those years ago- but Skeletor begs him to teleport him from Eternia before he destroys it. Kallu says he will only do so if Skeletor answers a riddle for him. Skeletor does not know the answer to the riddle, so he goes to He-Man and Man-At-Arms to ask it. They discover Kallu's true scheme, and set about foiling both his scheme and Skeletor's.

Master Mail
More questions by readers, including "is Fisto stronger than He-Man?" The answer is, unsurprisingly, "no!" Go figure, since He-Man is the "strongest man in the universe" and all.

Feature Story 2: "He-Man the Powerless"
There is an eclipse of the sun on Eternia, and on Eternia, these kinds of eclipses affect the planet in an unusual manner. He-Man and Man-At-Arms set out to see that everything is safe. But Skeletor's power is being increased by the eclipse, and he believes he is becoming powerful enough to defeat He-Man. As He-Man and Man-At-Arms pass Snake Mountain, Skeletor launches an attack on them, and summons an evil demon (which bears a striking resemblance to Kallu from the previous story). But He-Man's power is fading, and he is unable to fight back. But just then, the moons move away from the sun, and as the sunlight returns, so does He-Man's power, and he breaks free from the demon's grip, and Skeletor flees.

Feature Story 3: "The Forgotten Army, part 1"
The first multi-part story in this comic series. It begins thousands of centuries before present-day Eternia, with an evil wizard called Polk summoning two mighty rival tribes from Eternia to an alien world. He intends to train them to conquer the entire universe. Back in present-day Eternia, Mer-Man has found a book which will enable Skeletor to unlock the secrets of the cosmos. Evil-Lyn uses her magic to transport the evil warriors to the book's power source. Elsewhere on Eternia, the heroic warriors are engaged in a battle with the evil Horde, after foiling thier attempt to attack Eternos with a drilling machine. But suddenly they are teleported to an alien landscape- in the past, where Skeletor and his warriors have also been transported, in front of Polk! Polk transfers their powers to his soldiers using a power-drainer machine. The warriors look doomed, but Roboto sneaks onto the machine to find the source of the power-drainer's energy. Meanwhile, the heroic and evil warriors are defeating Polk's army, even with their powers drained, and so Polk uses a time-bomb to teleport them all onto another mysterious world. Both armies split up, and Skeletor finds that they have been teleported back to a period in time in Eternia's history before Grayskull was built. Skeletor makes a plot to stop the Elders from ever building Grayskull. (Story continues in next issue)

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