Issue 10 - 1986
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: July
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 10
Language: English

Issue 10 - 1986
Issue 10 - 1986



Orko the Magician
This strip features Orko being frightened by a book of spooky stories, and trying to make the room lighter. The spell goes wrong, of course.

Feature Story 1: "City of Glass"
Hordak uses a crystal to transform the whole of Eternos city- buildings, people, everything- into glass! When He-Man and Sy-Klone return to the city, they find Hordak telling them that he will only restore the city to normal if they leave Eternia, and if they don't, he will shatter the city with a noise machine. He-Man gives in, and agrees to leave Eternia. He and Sy-Klone journey to the world of Rebba, their new home, but He-Man has a trick up his sleeve- they promised to leave Eternia, but said nothing about not returning! So they go back, and attack Hordak and his warriors. Sy-Klone spins through the air and forms a vacuum, to prevent the sound of the fight from travelling, and as he traps the Horde in his vacuum, He-Man launches the crystal towards the city, turning it back to normal. The other heroic warriors emerge, and Hordak flees.

Master Mail
This issue's letters page features a question about Shadow Weaver and Scorpia- and another promise for the upcoming She-Ra magazine!

Feature Story 2: "The Forgotten Army, part 3"
Skeletor has used a spell to make the Elders disappear, and ancient Eternia has become helpless. But Roboto remains in Polk's strange universe, and uses a time-scope machine to trace the Elders of Eternia. They discover that on Polk's universe, they are in a time period after Grayskull has been built, so they can use Grayskull to defeat Polk. They project a beam of energy towards Polk's army, causing the army, and Polk himself, to disappear. Keclar, the leader of the Elders, then uses the power of Grayskull to bring He-Man, Skeletor and both their armies back, and teleport back to Eternia. Skeletor instantly retreats to Snake Mountain, and He-Man is ready to go back to the fight with Hordak wher ehe left off- but the Elders have already seen to it, and the drilling machine's power is drained.

Feature Story 3: "When Strikes... The Faker!"
On a small island, Adam and Man-At-Arms find someone who looks exactly like He-Man smashing buildings and attacking villagers! So Adam transforms into He-Man and confronts the impostor, who turns out to be Faker, an evil version of He-Man created by one of Skeletor's spells. Faker is strong, but not as strong as He-Man, who flings him into a river, and his skin turns blue. They have a tremendous fight, tearing up a whole landscape, until Faker realises he cannot win, and escapes, promising to return and take revenge.

(Faker is given a disappointing introduction in the last story, but the story is still good and he is well portrayed. The artists make a terrible mistake in the last story when He-Man reveals he is going to change back to Adam- in front of Fisto!)

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