Issue 12 - 1986
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Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: August
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 12
Language: English

Issue 12 - 1986
Issue 12 - 1986



Orko the Magician
This issue's Orko strip sees Orko trying out a spell to make him six feet tall, and instead gives him six feet. At least it's interesting to see his legs.

Feature Story 1: "Hordak's Captives"
Hordak and the Horde invade the village of some creatures called the Dinoreps. Hordak then sends Leech to Castle Grayskull with a pair of electro-bonds. He finds He-Man and Sy-Klone at Grayskull, and tells them that Hordak will destroy the Dinoreps unless He-Man gives him the keys to Grayskull. He-Man says he will become Hordak's captive in order to release the Dinoreps, and lets Leech put the electro-bonds on him. Sy-Klone stays at Grayskull, but secretly follows Leech, and flies to the Dinoreps' village and frees He-Man. After a vicious struggle, Hordak retreats and the Dinoreps are freed.

Master Mail
More questions/answers about MOTU.

Feature Story 2: "Skeletor: Lord of the Air"
Stratos and Buzz-Off are on air patrol, but Stratos is captured by a winged creature called a Granger. The Granger flies away with Stratos, accompanied by several others, but Buzz-Off manages to capture another Granger and take it back to Grayskull. At Grayskull, He-Man uses his sword to force the granger into telling him why they attacked Stratos, and the Granger reveals they are servants of Skeletor, who is planning to send them to destroy Eternos. So He-Man, Buzz-Off, and Ram-Man go to the place where Skeletor is training the Grangers, free Stratos, and after an air battle with the Grangers, foil Skeletor's scheme.

Feature Story 3: "The Space Race"
Some aliens land on Eternia, where they hope to find creatures who will enable them to end a war. Both the aliens are from different conflicting sides. Meanwhile, He-Man and Stridor are engaged in a battle with Skeletor and Night Stalker, but both sides are swallowed by the aliens' energy field. The aliens reveal that they intend to race He-Man and Skeletor against each other to see who is stronger, the aliens will bet on them, and whichever side wins will decide who wins the war. Skeletor becomes even more excited when the aliens reveal they will give the winner a cosmic bomb which will enable them to rule Eternia. So He-Man and Skeletor compete in the race, atop their robotic horses- and He-Man is just about to win, but then just as he crosses the finishing line, he pushes Skeletor so they both cross the line at once. He-Man then tells the aliens that ruling by force is wrong, and peace should be kept by truth and justice. The aliens decide to use He-Man's advice to end their war, and return to their planet to live in peace.

(An average issue, but with He-Man, average is good. The last story bears a striking resemblance in the basic plot to the cartoon episode "The Arena.")

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