Issue 13 - 1986
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: September
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 13
Language: English

Issue 13 - 1986
Issue 13 - 1986


Orko the Magician
Orko is suffering from insomnia, and tries counting dragons to help him sleep..... but it goes wrong.

Feature Story 1: "My Sword, My Enemy"
He-Man is attacked by a mysterious space rock, which vanishes just as he attempts to defend himself. Then his sword whisks itself out of his hand and starts firing at him! Then a strange beast appears from nowhere and attacks He-Man, but as they fight, it changes its shape- and turns into Queen Marlena! The fake Marlena starts firing bolts at He-Man, but He-Man traces the source of these strange happenings to a tiny space ship on the ground. Inside is a miniature child called a Zog, who wants to join Skeletor's army and wanted to defeat He-Man to prove his worthiness. He has lost this time, and so he flies away in his ship- but He-Man is sure he'll be meeting him again. (He did, in the next issue)

Master Mail
An interesting question about how far Eternia is from Earth, and curiosity about the 2 different Fright Zones feature on this issue's letters page.

Feature Story 2: "Orko and the Genie"
Orko opens up an old cupboard of his, and finds a magic lamp, from which emerges a genie. The genie says that the first person Orko names will become its master- but Orko accidentally says Skeletor first, and the genie goes off to find Skeletor, who sets him on the royal city! So Orko reports what happened to He-Man, and finds another magic lamp, from which comes another genie. This time, He-Man is the first person named, and the genie helps He-Man to foil Skeletor's scheme, and to beat up the other genie, who is his brother.

Feature Story 3: "The Reality Shaper"
One of the most weird and unique MOTU stories ever. It begins with what looks like He-Man getting up from bed in the morning, but the reader is shocked when they see that in place of the cross on his chest is a Horde bat symbol! In the Royal hall, He-Man, and all the heroic warriors and evil warriors, are worshipping Hordak! But the Sorceress manages to retain control of her mind, and uses the power of her mind to see what is causing the terrible problem, and in her mind's eye sees the Reality Shaper, a demon with the power to create an altered reality from people's dreams. It has been used by Hordak. So the Sorceress restores He-Man's mind, and once he is returned to normal, He-Man attacks the warriors in the Royal hall, as the Sorceress sends the Reality Shaper back into its home dimension. Things then return to normal at the palace, and the evil warriors retreat. This is a truly excellent story, with a dream-like atmosphere.

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Free gift: Giant MotU Poster
Free gift: Giant MotU Poster
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