Issue 15 - 1986
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: October
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 15
Language: English

Issue 15 - 1986
Issue 15 - 1986


The introductory Scroll of Scrollos in this episode states the first news about an upcoming live-action MOTU movie.

Orko the Magician
This issue's brief comedy strip features Orko accidentally making his hat disappear on stage, but the artists cop out and refuse to show him without his hat.

Feature Story 1: "The Mightiest Warrior"
After winning the Eternian games, He-Man suddenly starts to vanish before Teela and Orko's eyes. He is teleported to an alien ship, which is owned by a strange man called the Collector, who captures heroes from all over the galaxies and imprisons them. He intends to eventually make them all fight one another to see who is the mightiest. Back on Eternia, Man-At-Arms traces He-Man's whereabouts, and teleports himself to the ship. He breaks past the Collector's robotic servant, and frees He-Man, who in turn frees the other captives. The Collector flees, and the heroes return to their own worlds, then He-Man and Man-At-Arms return to Eternia.

Master Mail
Questions about Two Bad and Skeletor and Hordak's homeworlds feature on this issue's letters page.

Feature Story 2: "Taming the Dragons"
Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms have been visiting a nomadic tribe who have been attacked by dragons. Just then, the dragons attack the Nomads' camp. The arrogant chief forces Adam to fight the dragons, but Adam is sprayed by hypno-mist, which causes him to wander through the desert like a zombie, eventually collapsing. Elsewhere in the desert, Skeletor is planning to take the dragons for himself. Prince Adam is found lying uncsonscious in the desert, just as a nomad comes and tells the chief that the camp was attacked by a skeleton riding a giant mechanical spider. Adam sneaks off and becomes He-Man, and finds Skeletor, who has stolen the dragons. He-Man defeats both Skeletor and the dragons.

Feature Story 3: "Demon Attack"
Prince Ter'ryl from the Kingdom of the Outer Lands is visiting Eternia, and Orko is trying to show off his magic to him. But he accidentally opens up a hole in space, which sucks up him and the Prince, while a demon called Krrylak emerges from a second hole. He goes to Grayskull and attacks the Sorceress, imprisoning her in his orb of darkness. His demon horde then attacks Eternos, but Skeletor spies what is happening, and realises that if Krrylak wins, Skeletor will fall against his power. Therefore he has no choice but to help the heroic warriors. Meanwhile, He-Man uses a Lode-stone to make his sword magnetic, so it attracts Krrylak's metal ring, and the Sorceress is freed, and she transports Krrylak and his warriors back to their homeworld, just as Orko and Prince Ter'ryl re-emerge on Eternia.

(Another average issue. "The Mightiest Warrior" is the best story here, bearing a resemblance in plot to the cartoon episode "Castle of Heroes.")

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