Issue 16 - 1986
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: October
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 16
Language: English

Issue 16 - 1986
Issue 16 - 1986


Orko the Magician
This issue's strip features Orko being frightened by a ghost in his bedroom.

Feature Story 1: "Mind Swap"
Two Bad comes up with a new invention- a ring which enables its holder to swap their minds with someone else. Skeletor wants to swap his mind with He-Man's, so he can possess his strength and enter Grayskull, so he goes with Two Bad and Beast Man to Grayskull. He lures He-Man and Fisto out onto the battlements, then projects his mind into He-Man's body. Fisto gets a shock when 'He-Man' attacks him and flings him over the battlement, leaving him hanging on for his life. Meanwhile, He-Man's mind is now in Skeletor's body, and he attempts to use the havoc staff to pole vault into Grayskull, but the Sorceress does not realise that He-Man's mind is inside Skeletor's body, and knocks him back to the ground. But He-Man thinks up another trick, and tricks Two Bad into telling him how the ring works. So He-Man projects his mind back into his own body, and Skeletor's mind back into his. Just before they change back, He-Man throws the ring back to Grayskull so Skeletor can not use it again. Skeletor blames Two Bad for the failure of his scheme, and chases angrily after him.

Master Mail
Someone on this issue's letters page points out the disastrous error in issue #10, when He-Man said he was changing back to Prince Adam in front of Fisto! 'Scrollos' answers by saying that Fisto was just too far away to hear what He-Man said. Yeah, right, nice coverup.

Feature Story 2: "Blind Terror"
Skeletor uses the Talisman of Sight to blind two of his henchmen, saying he will do the same with He-Man. Spikor flies to the Cat-Nik village where He-Man is, and lures him to Snake Mountain, where Skeletor zaps He-Man's sight and imprisons him in chains. He leaves Stinkor to guard him, and goes off with his warriors to attack Eternos. As he reaches Eternos, he zaps the sight of everyone in the city, and the warriors try to fight him anyway, but their loss of sight means they stand no chance. But back at Snake Mountain, He-Man manages to break free from the chains, and Stinkor is too scared to stay and fight him, and runs off to find Skeletor instead. He-Man follows Stinkor's odor, to lead him back to Eternos. Meanwhile, at Eternos City, Buzz-Off finds that his insect eyes have not been affected by the Talisman of Sight, so he flies over the battle, snatches the Talisman from Skeletor and breaks it, restoring all the warriors' sight. Stinkor then arrives at the city, with He-Man following behind, and Skeletor retreats in terror.

Feature Story 3: "Menace of the Magnetron"
A mad scientist approaches Skeletor trying to convince him that a metal-attracting machine he has invented will defeat He-Man. By using the machine to attract Trap Jaw's metal body to it, he manages to convince Skeletor, and Skeletor sets out to find He-Man. As he flies over a small beach village where Adam, Man-At-Arms and Teela are visiting, the machine attracts Man-At-Arms, who is wearing his metal armor. Adam tries to save him, but ends up falling into the sea. He swims back to safety, but he has lost his sword, which was taken by Skeletor. Therefore, he assembles the Eternian warriors himself, convincing them all (other than Teela) that he is cleverer than they thought. The army lures Skeletor's ship over an iron mine, which the magnet is attracted to, causing the ship to crash- and Adam retrieves his sword and becomes He-Man. He frees Man-At-Arms, and they beat up Skeletor and his warriors, who retreat, and then as Teela criticises Prince Adam, He-Man digs back at her by making an odd joke about Skeletor finding Adam 'attractive- in fact, positively magnetic!'"

Competition: Find and name all the heroic warriors hidden within the walls of a picture of Castle Grayskull- but do not include the evil characters, or they will escape and Eternia will suffer. The prize is a pack of three Ladybird MOTU books, packaged with tapes for each.

(An excellent and memorable issue. It would have got five stars if the last story didn't let it down, by horribly overdoing Teela's arrogance (she actually seems to hate Prince Adam here) and the way that Adam literally transforms to He-Man in front of the evil warriors, yet they fail to notice.)

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