Issue 17 - 1986
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: November
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 17
Language: English

Issue 17 - 1986
Issue 17 - 1986


Feature Story 1: "Fallout!"

Safe within the confines of the New Fright Zone, Hordak observes as Modulok puts the finishing touches on his newest invention, a small rocket. When it is completed, Hordak plans to capture He-Man, chain him to the rocket and launch it on City Of Eternos, eliminating everything that stands in his way to conquer Eternia. Meanwhile, He-Man and Battle Cat part ways from a visit to a small village. He had brought the villagers a special present, a Gem-Stone that will keep the village warm during the winter. Will the villagers rejoice, Leech attacks the village and steals the Gem-Stone. Hearing the commotion from a distance, He-Man and Battle Cat return to the village to their aide, causing Leech to flee. As He-Man is in pursuit of leech, he switches the Gem-Stone, with the Hypno-stone. After Leech drops the stone, He-Man retrieves the stone and quickly falls under it's spell, which allows Hordak to control his mind. Under the hypnosis, Hordak leads He-Man to the rocket and makes him chain himself to the rocket. As Modulok fires the rocket, Hordak removes the spell, allowing him to be aware of what he is about to do to Eternos. While gliding through the sky, He-Man exposes the electronics of the rocket, and is able to reprogram the rocket, causing it to be steered towards fright zone. He-Man breaks free of the chains and saves himself with a bold leap into the Sea Of Rakash. However, when Hordak realizes what He-Man did to the rocket, he uses the remote to cause it to self-destruct.

Feature Story 2: "The Trap of Ages"

At the Royal Palace Of Eternos, Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms go down memory lane, discussing Adam's childhood. Prince Adam misses the innocence of being a child, but Man-At-Arms tells him that it was good for him to be grown up, because He-Man has saved Eternia on countless occasions. Meanwhile on the Dark Continent, Hordak has once again developed a devilish machine called the Chamber Of Youth, that he plans to use on He-Man. The chamber uses the “Elixir Of Youth” to transform a grown-up into a child. Once He-Man is a child, he will teach him the evil ways of the Horde, so he would become a powerful ally. Hordak uses Grizzlor as a test subject of his machine, which successfully turns him into a child. Hordak sends Mantenna to fallow the next stage of his plan by sending word that Hordak challenges He-Man to a fight to the death. It is not long before, Prince Adam learns of Hordak's challenge. Prince Adam raises the Sword Of Power and changes into He-Man. Fallowing the transformation, He-Man marches bravely towards the Fright Zone #2, unaware that his comrade, Man-At-Arms, has quietly followed behind. When He-Man arrives at the Fright Zone #2, he is almost immediately attacked by Hordak. However, Hordak doesn't play fair and uses sleeping gas to stun He-Man. As He-Man collapses, Man-At-Arms inconspicuously sees this and is about to attack Hordak from behind, but is nabbed by the devilish, Modulok. He-Man awakens in the new invention of Hordak's, which also begins the process of turning him into a child. Hordak is not attending the process, because he'd rather celebrate with his men. However after the process is complete, He-Man is changed back to Adam, who becomes so small that he easily fits through the bars of the prison and rescues Man-At-Arms. With the help of Man-At-Arms, they are able to reverse the invention's process, turning He-Man back to his real age. Together, the two escape from the Fright Zone unscathed.

Feature Story 3: "And One shall save them!"

One dark night, as Skeletor once again contemplates the destruction of his greatest foe, He-Man, a glowing object streaks through the sky. Sensing that it could be useful to him in the fight against the good, Skeletor summons Two Bad, to accompany him while he investigates the fallen meteor near Snake Mountain. The two discover a gemstone, which has the power to use on a device that would produce an invisible, indestructible energy field. Skeletor decides to use the device to carry out the conquest of Eternia. Meanwhile, in the Library at Castle Grayskull, Orko is in search for an ancient spell, that will improve his magic, while He-Man, Man-At-Arms and Sy-Klone discuss an important matter with the Sorceress. Skeletor uses his magic to transport Two Bad and himself to Castle Grayskull. Skeletor calls upon He-Man, who immediately answers his call. When threatened, He-Man uses the Sword Of Power to attack and realizes that Skeletor and Two Bad are surrounded by a indestructible, invisible force shield. Sy-Klone attempts to destroy the barrier with his tornado power, but fails. Thus, Skeletor threatens to suffocate all who is contained under the barrier, if they do not fallow Skeletor's orders, by becoming his servants. Skeletor returns to Snake Mountain to assemble his warriors and return to Castle Grayskull, leaving Two Bad to guard the Barrier Machine. After Skeletor disappeared, He-Man comes up with a possible solution and runs off into Castle Grayskull to carry out his plan of liberation. Skeletor appears on the opposite side of the energy-field and orders Two Bad to set him free. Confused by this incredible twist of fate, Two Bad dissolves the energy-field and suddenly He-Man races out from a hiding place, capturing Two Bad and his machine. Soon, Skeletor, Beast Man, Mer-Man and Clawful arrive, to find the Energy-Field Machine unattended. He-Man emerges from Castle Grayskull and kneels before Skeletor, safe in the knowledge that the barrier no longer separates them. Within moments, Skeletor and his allies are ambushed by He-Man and the Masters. When Moss Man arrives and begins to use the plant-life to expel Skeletor and his allies. Later, within Castle Grayskull, He-Man explains the events and that Orko was actually the fake Skeletor.

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