Issue 18 - 1986
Collection: UK - Masters of the Universe - Egmont Magazines (1986-1988)
Month: November
Year: 1986
Production Country: United Kingdom
Issue: 18
Language: English

Issue 18 - 1986
Issue 18 - 1986


Orko the Magician
This comedy strip features Orko doing the washing up.

Feature Story 1: "Orko's Mistake"
Orko goes to a small village to entertain the poverty-stricken children, whose homes have been destroyed by a tidal wave. He gets the kids to make a monster from the sand, and then he uses his magic to turn it into a real monster, just as He-Man arrives at the village. Orko is about to make the monster disappear, but instead he teleports himself inside the monster! He-Man opens the monster's jaws, and sees that the inside is still made of sand. Orko flies out, and He-Man does battle with the monster, and Orko saves the day by creating a rainstorm which dissolves the sand monster completely.

Master Mail
This issue's letters page contains a question about what Grizzlor's powers are, and the answer is "mindless savagery... with the emphasis on mindless!"

Feature Story 2: "Return of the Faker"
Faker, in his true form but wearing Prince Adam's clothes (what?!), recalls the details of his first battle with He-Man (as seen in issue #10). Angered by his defeat, he vows vengeance on He-Man, and reassumes the false form of He-Man, then marches towards the palace. He breaks into the Royal chamber and seizes Queen Marlena, saying that he will only release her if someone brings him He-Man. Adam sneaks off and changes to He-Man, then returns to the chamber, where Faker challenges him. Recalling the damage done by their last fight, He-Man knows it is dangerous for them to fight within the palace, so he thinks up a good trick to lure Faker outside- and win the battle. He pretends to give in, and surrender his sword to Faker. Convinced he has won, Faker leaves the palace with the sword, and starts attacking people outside. Then He-Man emerges outside and pretends to have changed his mind, and Faker wields the sword at him- but the sword cannot be used by anyone evil, so instead it changes Faker back to his true form, burning his hand, and he retreats, but promises that he will return. (Sadly, he never did, at least not to our knowledge)

Feature Story 3: "The Secret Files of Scrollos"
Not a story, but a guide to the powers and strengths of the heroic warriors. Briefly describes the powers of He-Man and She-Ra, then Moss Man, Sy-Klone, Roboto, Orko, Buzz-Off, Mekaneck, Fisto, Teela, Man-E-Faces, Stonedar and Rokkon. Apparently Orko is over 500 years old!

(Nice to see Faker again, though like in many canons, he is not put to as good use as he should be- I mean, he never even impersonates He-Man- he admits that he's Faker straight away! And why does his true form look so much like Prince Adam? The Secret Files of Scrollos is an enjoyable feature, and was to become a regular feature in the upcoming issues.)

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