4 - The Revenge of Skeletor!
Collection: He-Man Mini-Comics (Mattel)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1989
Production Country: USA
Issue: 4 of 4
Language: English

page 7
page 7



Skeletor blasts into space, in retreat from his confrontation with He-Man on Denebria (in issue 3). He is joined by Flogg in another shuttle pod. Skeletor ponders his next move, and with a few calculations, he kicks his plot into high gear.

He-Man and Kayo are preparing to return the crystal to Primus' Titus Observatory, when the captured Slushhead, Optikk, and their Terroclaw vanish in a burst of mystic energies. He-Man correctly assumes that Skeletor is behind this. Another mayday message from Primus erupts over the radio, reporting that the planet has only an hour before it self-destructs in a cataclysmic explosion! Quickly taking command, He-Man organizes the Galactic Guardians and their small fleet of space ships jet towards Primus.

On Primus, the Terroclaw and its passengers rematerialize at the Titus Observatory, transported by Skeletor. He has beaten He-Man and crew to the observatory and proceeds to take it over. The mutants make short work of the valiant, but ultimately pathetic, observatory technicians.

Within the observatory, Slushhead notes that this is where he and Optikk stole the crystal, indicating a large generator. Skeletor intercepts a radio message from He-Man aboard starship Eternia, and proceeds to deliver a fake distress message. Skeletor plans to have He-Man return the Trifusium Crystal.

He-Man realizes that the radio message is a trap. Regardless, the crystal must be returned to Titus Observatory as time is running out for Primus! Starship Eternia lands near the observatory, and as He-Man and the Galactic Guardians approach the building, they are confronted by Skeletor, and the Mutants. The Guardians make short work of the mutants, leaving He-Man alone to face Skeletor.

With only minutes left in the countdown to Primus' doom, Skeletor viciously attacks He-Man, beating him with his Skull Staff. Sixty seconds from apocalypse, He-Man manages to say "By the power of Eternia!" and knocks Skeletor down with a tremendous blow. Retrieving the crystal with ten seconds left, He-Man makes a mad dash for the Trifusium generator. The generator hums back to life, and Skeletor and his defeated Mutants retreat.

As the Galactic Guardians and observatory techs express their gratitude to He-Man for saving their world, Skeletor speeds away from Primus in his shuttle pod. "You think you've won, He-Man?" he mutters. "Never! My evil deeds are just beginning!" And as his wicked laughter echoes through space, we can see that his destination is Nordor, Denebria's skull-faced moon.

The End?


1989, Series 1.
Packaged with Flogg and Optikk. Was NOT packaged with Slushhead.

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Coverback cover
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