3 - Battle for the Crystal
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Collection: He-Man Mini-Comics (Mattel)
Publisher: Mattel
Year: 1989
Production Country: USA
Issue: 3 of 4
Language: English




The Galactic Guardian starship continues to spin helplessly through empty space. The ship's controls are useless, due to the power surge from the laser gate which brought the ship (and Skeletor) to the Tri-Solar System from the past. Flipshot can't make the controls respond, but calculates that the overloaded computer systems will explode in 5 minutes.

The cyber-Sorceress appears before He-Man, and implores him to use his sword to save the ship. He-Man cries, "By the power of Grayskull!" but nothing happens. The Sorceress reminds him that all the power of the universe is no longer in Castle Grayskull, so he asks Hydron the name of the starship. He tells He-Man that "she" was named for the legend, and that her name is Starship Eternia! "By the power of Eternia!" He-Man shouts, and the sword flares to life, stabilizing the controls, bringing the ship out of it's death-spin with only seconds to spare.

With the ship righted, the Sorceress reminds He-Man of his mission in this future time, to stop Skeletor, and to use his power to do good. With that, she fades away in a glimmer of blue-and-white light, and the Galactic Guardians rearrange the ship to its space station reconfiguration, in order to effect repairs.

With the hull breach repaired, Flipshot intercepts a radio message. It is Kayo, sending a distress signal to Primus from his Astrosub. He is being pursued by Skeletor, Slushhead, and Optikk in matching dreadwings. Despite his superior flying, Kayo is outnumbered. Things look grim, but Starship Eternia bolts to the rescue, sending the Dreadwings scattering with fiery laser bursts.

As Kayo docks his Astrosub atop Starship Eternia, a radio message from Primus brings He-Man and the Galactic Guardians up to speed as to Primus' plight and the Trifusium Crystal situation. Skeletor's face appears on the starship's viewscreen, with a challenging taunt for He-Man to come and get the crystal -- if he can!

Armed with Kayo's knowledge of where the Trifusium was last sighted, he and He-Man "beam down" to Denebria's Gorn Desert. They are instantly ambushed by Slushhead and Optikk in the Terroclaw, with Skeletor leading the assault in a Dreadwing.

He-Man and Kayo brace themselves for the worst, when the Terroclaw pilots are neatly wrapped up by a bola missile from Flipshot's swooping Bolajet. As Starship Eternia appears in orbit overhead, He-Man makes a dash for Skeletor's ship, determined to retrieve the crystal. As Power Sword and Skull Staff clash in battle, He-Man says his new phrase of power, and a glowing electrical bolt from Starship Eternia boosts his strength levels. Outclassed, Skeletor decides on a different tactic. He throws the Trifusium Crystal away and makes a run for it.

As his Dreadwing blasts away, his laughter can be heard. He-Man vows that they will meet again, but first the Trifusium Crystal must be returned to Primus' Titus Observatory. The fate of the planet depends on it!


1989, Series 1.
Packaged with Hydron, Flipshot, and Kayo.

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back cover
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